These Are The 6 Personality Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone

The world gets too loud and crowded sometimes, right? So, we tend to have few steps back and close ourselves in the room to enjoy a little bit of ourselves-time. However, there are people who do that more often. Do you often tend to shut yourself from the world and enjoy spending time alone? Or, switching off from time to time in order to recharge? If the answer is yes, then you might be one of those people who understand and value the solitude and the need to find your inner peace.
If you consider being a person that like solitude than you might have the following six personality traits, courtesy of Ia.meaww.

1. You are addicted to solitude

Don’t dare to disturb a person in solitude. When they are alone, they are in a world of their own, that they have patiently created. It is something they would never give up on and it is just for themselves. Sure you can have fun with them, but when they dive in their own world they don’t really like instructions.

They have learned to enjoy and love their isolations so much that it becomes an addiction, as it were. However, this definitely doesn’t mean that they are lonely, in fact, they are with their best friend, themselves.


2.  You are extremely loyal

If you like being alone you are probably an extremely loyal person. The people you let in your life are really important for you.
So, loyalty defines this solitude-people more than anything. They would expect, however, loyalty in return. Even though they might not say it out loud. For them, the loyalty is not something superficial, actually is something that should be worshiped since it is so rare.


3. You are calm and composed

Well, it is not a surprise since it is their overall behavior pattern. Being in solitude actually includes that you have already understood your thoughts and emotions and your strengths and weaknesses. Also, the things that make you happy or make you angry. The understanding level comes naturally when they are alone with their own thoughts.

They have a level head, thinking and analyzing and they can control their impulses since they have spent enough time in order to understand them. They would be ready if they have to face a new situation or if they have to handle a difficult one.


4. You are comfortable with your thoughts

The solitude lovers spent a lot of their time with their thoughts, thinking about everything. It is kind of a mental exercise. They would analyze and often come up with new ideas. Since they analyze their own thoughts so much they are able to understand the same ones in different people. They are good with emotions and also they value their own thoughts.


5. You value time, but not just your own

The individuals who like being alone, understand the value of time since they get a short time for themselves because of work and other responsibilities. They worship the value of every instant and they always prefer doing something productive.
However, this is not selfish, since they respect and value the time of the other people too. Always direct and precise, since they don’t want to waste the someone else’s time. Also, they will value the time that you spend with them.


6.  You’re very particular about boundaries

As the saying goes: good fences make good neighbors, which is also true for those who love being alone. Boundaries are crucial for maintaining a distance between themselves and the rest of the people. Even though they can be comfortable in social situations, they prefer not to be disturbed when being alone. They are also specific for the psychological boundaries since they will reveal just as many information as they are comfortable with. Also, they won’t intrude into another person’s privacy. These individuals would be the first ones to respect the boundaries you set for them. At the end of the day, you will realize that these boundaries are actually pretty healthy and respectful.


Source: ia.meaww

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