69-Year-Old Woman Shows Off Her Impressing Workout

If someone’s nearing their 70s, people would probably associate them with being a kindly older person. A sweet grandmother, knitting or baking cookies for her grandchildren, or a grandfather telling stories of the good old days as they smoke their pipe. Or maybe even a retired academic with their gray hair and smart glasses.

No matter the case, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a senior citizen is probably not them killing a workout at the gym, is it?

Meet Doña Geralda Barbosa, a 69-year-old woman who realized the importance of keeping fit on her old age and took action. Five years ago, she decided to make aging less hard on herself by taking care of herself, so she decided to join a gym. She first gained recognition when videos of her working out and showing off her fitness regimen were published on Gazeta Online, and later all through social media accounts.


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The gym she works out in also shares videos of the fitness pro to their Instagram account, urging others to take note from her. Age does not matter when you are training, they say. So, get off your couch and join a gym, you have no excuse.

Look at her go. One day, I will get there too!


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Exercising regularly can reduce the risk of any health complications, can help control your weight, and can increase conditioning and stamina. It can also improve muscle strength, increase your energy levels, lead to better sleep, and is even proven to make you happier.

While we don’t necessarily need to hit the gym and lift weights to keep fit, exercise to some degree is a must for a better quality of life. Even if that is just taking a long walk every day, cycling a few times a week, or joining a yoga class. Just keep your body moving.

Take a lesson from Mrs. Barbosa.


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