7 Tips And Tricks That Will Take Your Beauty Routine To Another Level

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that beauty comes from inside out, and perfection is subjective just like ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’ We’re all special in our own little ways, habits, and quirks.

However, we all have our own beauty routines we perform on a daily basis. We take care of our skin, our hair, our makeup, and our overall appearance. It’s what boosts our confidence and allows us to live a lifestyle we want to live. It’s fair to say, people’s beauty routines change from one to the other, since not everyone is the same.

There are people who have decided they want to live their lives makeup-free, there are others who wake up every morning and put their flawless makeup on, and then there are the ones, like me, who pay special attention to the eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s all a matter of preferences, and everyone should do whatever it is they feel comfortable doing. But when it comes to tips and tricks, none of us can really say no to a few beauty tips.

I mean, we spend our days searching for the perfect hair mask, or the perfect way to remove blackheads, or even want a simpler way on how to make our glossy lipstick turn matte in a matter of seconds. Well, whatever the case may be, there is always someone, out there, who has a solution. So, scroll below for a few beauty hacks that will most likely come in handy at one point or another.


1. How to make your lipstick matte

What you need to do is simply apply the lipstick you want to make matte, take a piece of tissue, separate the plies, and cover your mouth with one ply. After doing this, take a brush with translucent powder and gently apply it to the tissue over your mouth.

beauty routine tips tricks

Source: Boksburg 

2. Use a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells from your lips

Massage the wet toothbrush gently into your skin in circles.


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3. You can make your own lip color with eyeshadow and salve

Simply get lip balm, mix it with an eyeshadow pigment, and apply the newly-made lipstick with your fingers or a brush.


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4. Fix foundation stains using shaving cream

“Just wipe a dollop of shaving cream on the spot to pretreat it before tossing it in the wash.”

5. How to get rid of blackhead with eggs

Use egg white and toilet paper, make three layers and then remove them once dried. That would take about 30 minutes.


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6. Make your old beauty blender appear new

Take olive oil and anti-dandruff shampoo and mix them in a cup. Put the old sponge there and let it stay, afterward, squeeze it and rinse it with water.


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7. Two-in-one: Fan brush DIY

If you don’t have a fan brush and need it ASAP, simply take a bobby pin, fan your regular brush, and insert the bobby pin as seen in the picture below.


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