7 Ingenious Hairstyling Hacks For Lazy Girls

Do you find it hard to style your hair in the morning? If you are like me and you barely even touch your hair when not going out, chances are it has turned into an absolute mess. Just because you don’t know how to deal with this, doesn’t mean that you should just give up on styling your hair altogether. Believe it or not, there are hacks aimed at girls exactly like me and you!

Let’s start with combing first: choosing the right brush is crucial here. But don’t worry if you don’t even own one because we have your back. From making curls to creating a nice ponytail and using bobby pins, here is all you need to know about how to deal with your hair without losing an entire day. Check out these ingenious hacks for lazy girls, courtesy of GlossyFeed.

1. Long lasting curls

Have you always dreamed of creating curls that will actually last for longer than half an hour? This is still one of my big dreams, but I haven’t achieved it yet. The secret is simple.


Begin by curling in the middle, not at the end if you like your curls to last longer throughout the day. Ready to try it out?

2. Flat iron curls

The right way to have this pattern is to use a flat iron as a curler. Doesn’t sound that complicated, right?


3. Brush styles

Have you ever wondered what kind of brush you need to use?

Well, here is your answer.


4. Fake bangs

It is actually very easy to do this hairstyle with just a little practice and a lot of patience.


5. Double ponytail

Have you ever considered a double ponytail? This will make your hair look so thick and even longer. Perfect for thin hair! Plus, it’s very easy to make.


6. Sticky pins

If your hair never stays in place, add a little stick to your bobby pins to tame it.


7. Instant waves

To have instant waves any time of the day, all you have to do is flat iron your braids!


Here are more hacks that every woman should know.

Source: glossyfeed