These Are The 7 Stages Of Love That Most Couples Go Through

All of us, who have been in love at least once, know that love is not the same all the time. Sometimes you feel love more intensely and passionately and sometimes you feel like your partner is your friend. Well apparently, that’s because love happens in seven stages.

And these are stages that most couples go through.


The seven stages of love lead to an increase in intimacy between two people and as you get closer to each other, you move up the ladder of love. You can actually find yourself being more in love, and, with each passing stage, falling further for your partner. So which stage are you in? Here are the seven stages of love, courtesy of Ia.meaww, that will help you find out which stage you are currently on.


1. Stage one- crush


This stage is the most incredible one, not only because it marks the beginning of the relationship, but also because you are the most attracted to that special person. Plus, you are always on seventh heaven and you can’t stop thinking about them, they occupy your mind all the time. You can’t wait to make contact or to meet them, too. It is the sweetest and the most innocent period of the relationship. Are your friends already teasing you with someone and you are blushing? You found your stage of love.

2. Stage two – first contact

By now you are impressed by your crush and you managed to find the way and the courage to talk with them. During this stage, you are also confused, feeling awkward and you are probably desperately making attempts to impress your crush. After all, the first impressions are the most important and actually crucial when it comes to long-term relationships.

3. Stage three – Getting to know each other


Questioning everything, now you might feel more awkward. This is the stage when you actually start dating and meeting. By now you want to know everything at once, what do they like, the daily routines, their favorite music, movies and everything that you could possibly think of.


This is the stage that you also get closer physically too. You get to know each other intimately and then you can’t keep each other’s hands off. The phase of exploring the sexual as well as the emotional boundaries is super important.

4. Stage four – Expression of love


This is the stage when you feel even more intensively attracted to each order. Something like magnets. At this stage, it is clear to you that you are “made for each other” and you can’t begin to imagine not living without your partner. Intensive attraction, love, affection, care, passion, intimacy are the signs of this stage. You can’t actually be separated, and you want to spend all the time in the world together. Here is the moment of those three magical words “I love you”, since you are now sure that the feelings are genuine.

5. Stage five – Planning a future together


At this stage, you are committed in a way, and you are feeling comfortable with each other. You are starting to look and talk about mutual future. You are talking about how would life be and about the compromises. This stage representing the serious and important part of love. .

6. Stage 6 – Marriage or committed for life


At this stage, you simply know you want to spend your life together. Married or not.

7. Stage seven – Companionship


Now, your relationship is actually a companionship. You are waking up not only next to your partner and lover but also next to the person that offers you support in life. At this stage, things have gotten really real. You are living together and taking different responsibilities, facing everything together since you are together in the same boat called life.


This is the stage of the ultimate love test since life might get ugly and difficult, plus all of those responsibilities may be overwhelming. This is also the stage in which the relationship either ends or it blossoms like never before and lasts for a lifetime.


Things get real and life happens. Throughout these seven stages, the relationship gets tested thoroughly. Both partners are equally responsible during these seven stages. You both have to pass the tests in order for your love to thrive into something similar to the fairytale stories.

Source: ia.meaww

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