7 Weird Ways People Used To Predict If You’re Having A Baby Girl Or A Boy

Well, times change. But our desires don’t! Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to figure out if you’re going to have a baby girl or a boy. But in the past people didn’t have all the fancy technology we have today, and they had to resort to using some pretty… Weird methods.

According to MomJunction, people used what are (by today’s standards) pretty superstitious ways of seeing inside a mother’s womb. Sure, they guessed wrong a lot of times, but each time the assessment was correct, it only fueled the belief that the technique works.

Here are 7 outdated, weird methods by which people determined if a baby was a boy or a girl!

1. The way you walk

This method first appeared in a French collection of folk tales dating from the 15th century. Called the Distaff Gospels, it said that if a woman puts her right foot first, when walking, she’ll have a little boy. But if she was leading with her left foot, she will have a baby girl.

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2. Using a ring

Another folktale turned into a method. Sigh. Have your partner tie a ring to a piece of string, then dangle it right above your belly. If the ring moves back and forth, it’s a baby boy – but if it moves in circles, you’re going to have a daughter.

3. Red cabbage (yes, you read that right)

Boil some red cabbage in water, but save the water. When you pee the next morning, pee in the cabbage water. And watch closely – if the water turns pink, it’s a boy. But if it becomes darker, like purplish, it’s a girl.

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4. Where your pillow is pointed

You’ll have a boy if the pillow faces north but you sleep on your left side. However, if the pillow points south, and you sleep on the right side, it’s a girl!

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5. The condition of your hair

Sure, pregnancy changes a woman’s body. But did you know you can use those changes to glean the sex of your unborn baby? If your hair is shiny and lush, you’re going to have a baby boy. If your hair is turning wispy and dull, it’s a girl.

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6. Use a calculator!

Type down the mother’s age and to it, add the year when the baby was conceived. If you get an even number, it means it’s a girl. If it’s an odd number, it’s a boy. Allegedly, this is a Mayan technique.

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7. Just pick up a key

All you need is a key and a functioning hand, ahem. Pick up ANY key. Now, did you? Great. If you picked it up from the thin end, it’s a baby girl. However, if you picked it up from the thick end, it’s going to be a boy.

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Source: Momjunction