Eight Best Exercise Hacks To Help You Lose Arm Fat

Pretty much everyone is dissatisfied with their looks, especially when it comes to their body. We witness even the richest and prettiest of stars still throwing money on expensive surgeries and paying fortunes to personal trainers to keep themselves in shape. So, health and appearance affect all of us, regardless of status or wealth.


Which brings us to some useful hacks and exercises to help you along the way, which is today’s topic (thanks AuntyAcid). Today we’ll learn some of the 8 easiest and most effective hacks on cutting fat, more specifically arm fat. Let’s be honest here, arm fat may be the least visible to ourselves, but we’re all very self-conscious when we visit the beach or put on a t-shirt and everyone can see our flabby arms flabbing about.

We wish we were this guy!


But cutting fat on our arms is no joke. It’s a very tricky area of the body to address, and excess fat gets stored in every tiny corner around the arm muscles. So the best way to actually address this is to target those specific areas of their body. But there are many ways to address these parts of the arms and cut that needless fat off. Let’s begin!

1. The basic triceps exercise


The underside of your arm is where most of the fat gets stored, you’ve noticed this, right? But it’s the same area where the triceps muscle is located at, and this exercise targets the development of that muscle. Needless to say, working this muscle will suck all the fat around it, making your arms skinnier.

How to do it: Sit on the floor with your legs together, but your arms behind you. Then, lift yourself 10 times as shown in the picture. After a short break, you can repeat the exercise again.

2. The triceps dip exercise


Simple, just take a chair and turn your back to it. Place your hands firmly on the edge of the seat and start lifting yourself up and down. Just make sure you position yourself correctly like shown in the picture and you’re all set

3. Lateral plank-walk


Basically, a push-up but with switching your hands. Just move your right hand to where the left hand was, and then repeat the procedure with the other arm. Be warned though, this is not easy!

4. Push-ups


Ah, the good old classic. Push-ups don’t just address your arm muscles, but also develop the pectorals in your chest. Simple and effective!

5. Counter push-ups


It’s like a push-up, but if you’re pushing up against something else other than the floor. Like, a sturdy counter, or a heavy desk, or hey, even your heavy couch! Just make sure the thing doesn’t budge and start pushing. It’s great workout for the arm muscles.

6. Wrist rotations


This particular exercise looks deceptively simple and easy to do. But trust me, it’s actually challenging. All you need to have is, of course, weights. Now, if you don’t have any weights at home, you can easily improvise by filling up two half-liter bottles (or beer cans, hey), and start exercising. All you need to do is hold the weights in front of you, with your arms stretched out, and start rotating them clockwise and counter-clockwise. Think you can do 2 minutes of that? Think again.

7. Arm scissors


This exercise is a very effective fat burner, and a very good cardio exercise to get your blood going. Just stand up straight, stretch your hands in front of you and start moving them apart and together like a scissor would.

8. Lifting weights


Another classic, and don’t worry, you don’t need special weights (although they are very convenient and pretty cheap). Just find a decently heavy object (of whichever weight you’re comfortable with – like a bottle), then sit down with your back straight. Take the weight with both hands, then put it behind your back and lift it above your head and hold it there for a few moments. Then bring it back down and behind, and continue the exercise until satisfied.

Source: auntyacid