8 Easy Exercises That Women Over 40 Should Do Every Week

As women grow older and their metabolism slows down, as they become more prone to injuries and the body takes much longer to heal, cardiovascular health is absolutely essential. Every woman should focus on exercises that improve circulation, strength and stamina, without putting too much strain on the muscles. While working out, the main focus should always be on form and not on speed.

Here are 8 such amazing exercises for women over 40, compiled by Providr. 



1. Tai Chi

This Chinese martial art that is practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits is also a very low impact exercise.


Source: Ethical Society of St. Louis

2. Squats

You don’t need to be fast while doing squads. All you have to do is focus on your form and this exercise will make your legs stronger.


Source: PopSugar

3. Low impact cardio

Use an elliptical machine because it is a stationary exercise machine that stimulates climbing or walking, but won’t put any pressure on your joints. Hence, a decreased risk of injuries and a great way to maintain a healthy heart.


Source: Amazon

4. Lunges

Another great exercise that focuses on your leg muscles but it’s not high intensity and doesn’t require speed.


Source: Greatist

5. Yoga

Doing yoga not only does wonders for your body but also for your mind. A classic exercise that involves stretching and maintaining form is an excellent choice for women over 40.


Source: Sprout Health Group

6. Strength training

Even if done with 2-pound barbells, weight lifting will improve your muscle tone.


Source: POPSUGAR Studios

7. Planks

There a lot of different plank variations that are good for stamina and amazing for building strength by conditioning the body’s core muscles.


Source: The Indian Express

8. Leg lifts

Another great exercise that makes your legs stronger and focuses on correct form, not on intensity. 8

Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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