These Are The Top Eight Grossest, Most Dangerous Foods In The World

Hey, you. Yes you! What are your favorite foods? Wait, let me guess… It’s a cheese sandwich filled with maggots, right? How about a healthy portion of still beating snake hearts? No? Hmmm. Maybe this rare shark delicacy that smells like when you go to pee, or this poisonous fish?

No, I didn’t just make up those foods – they really exist. And they make up the list of the world’s most popular dangerous foods!

Thanks to Providr, we can now share the full list with you. But take care: some of these are illegal, and others are just regulated. Others still are just widely avoided – but still available and enjoyed by a small, weird minority.

1. The Fugu fish

Also known as “blowfish”, the Fugu is basically the poster child for toxins you’d like to eat. Or, at least taste. The animal contains a neurotoxin known as tetrodotoxin, which turns off your nerves. Which is why the preparation of the Fugu is always supervised and under strict control. It is also 1,200 times more powerful than cyanide, so, if you like to live dangerously – this is your thing!


Source: Travel Thir

2. Hakarl

Hakarl is served in Iceland. It is basically raw Greenland shark, cured and left to fry for 6 months – but if something goes wrong, it can get really poisonous. The reason for that is that Greenland sharks process their waste through their skin, meaning that, as time goes by, the skin becomes more and more poisonous.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

3. The Ackee fruit

Hailing from Jamaica and West Africa, this orange-reddish fruit splits itself fully open upon achieving ripeness. And that’s the right time to eat it because if you take a bite of it before, you’ll get pretty sick. The ackee contains the toxin hypoglycin, which lowers your blood sugar to critical levels. You’ll want to puke, and the affliction is known as “Jamaican vomiting sickness.”


Source: Jerome Walker

4. Cassava root

It is delicious when cooked, and it comes from South America. But, cooked, I said. So what happens if you eat it raw? Well, then it produces cyanide, and while most times the amount is not fatal, trust me – you don’t want that.


Source: nenxem

5. Pangium edule

This fruit is so poisonous, that the only way to make it edible is to first boil it, then leave it to ferment buried in ash and covered with banana leaves for 40 days. The reason? It’s covered with hydrogen cyanide, which takes a long period to evaporate.


Source: The Daily Meal

6. The San-nakji

It’s a… Well. One of the weirdest foods. It’s basically octopus arms that got cut off, but because the nervous system of the animal is peculiar, the tentacles can still move and writhe and twitch. It isn’t poisonous, but there’s an increased risk of choking, as the tiny moving tentacles can end up in your trachea instead of the esophagus. People have already died, so it’s not something to trifle with.


Source: marsypan

7. The Casu marzu specialty

It is Italian, and it gives Italian food a bad name! No Italian dish should be this nasty, but there it is. The Casu marzu is the black sheep of the house, because it’s made of cheese made of sheep milk – but filled with live, crawling maggots. You think that’s all though? Nope! The maggots are alive and well and capable of launching themselves up in the air for to 6 inches. Right where your mouth is. But… There is more, sadly. Sometimes, the maggots can survive the acid in your stomach, and start “jumping” in your intestines. If that’s the case, my friend? You’ll be vomiting for days, in between suffering bloody diarrhea. Yikes.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

8. Its majesty, the Hot Dog

It comes from the caveman territories of North America, where the barbaric population stuffs itself on so-called “hot dogs.” Which launches this delicacy to the top-three perpetrator of deaths caused by choking in children under the age of three. The cylindrical shape of the food makes it, sadly, perfectly-suited for a child’s small esophagus. The hot dog is one of the simplest foods out there, but oddly enough, it’s exactly its simplicity that makes it so lethal.


Source: Thrillist
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