8 Nail Designs To Show Off Your Engagement Ring For Your Bachelorette Party

Everything needs to be perfect when you are a bride-to-be. Starting from your hair to your makeup, to the dress and finally to your nails. It depends where you are going for your bachelorette party, maybe you are planning a beach party or maybe just staying in your city and doing a get together with your friends and family. Nonetheless, everything needs to be flawless down to the nails. You are going to have to show your engagement ring all the time anyways so it is a needed investment.

8 nail designs for your bachelorette party
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Wherever your destination may be here are some ideas and designs for your nails if you are feeling confused. These are here to help you decide easier.

1. Pastel nail design

This cute abstract pastel nail design is perfect for a beach bachelorette party, your engagement ring will shine when you are showing it off.

2. Floral designs

Floral designs are so in this summer! So if you are still confused, this is perfect, especially if your bachelorette party is somewhere tropical.

3. Blue strap design

This blue is perfect. Can you imagine how flawless your ring will look especially if you take a picture with the ocean in the background? TO DIE FOR!

4. Perfect bling look

This design is so extra, I love it!

5. Nude nail design

A simple nude with a gold mark would look so pretty and simple.

6. French nail design

A french manicure but with a twist. Sparkly pointed nails look so stunning.

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7. Colorful nail design

If you are feeling bold and not afraid to experiment with colors, this is gorgeous.

8. White and metallic

White will never go out of style, it’s beautiful, simple and very fitting for a bachelorette party. A simple metallic speck.

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Have you decided what do you want to go for? Don’t forget to let us know.

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