Spot The Differences! 8 Puzzles That Will Test Your Intelligence

It’s always fun to test your intelligence, right? Right. I won’t take no for an answer regarding this, sorry, because you’ll be smarter after you solve these eight visual puzzles!

And it’s not the first time we’ve tested your intelligence like this. Our super secret organization has already faced you with similar challenges before; for example, see Phase 1 and Phase 2. Well, this is Phase 3 in the well-known ‘spot the differences’ mental acuity test (courtesy of Tapoos).

I mean, have you ever wondered why we run these tests on you…? What’s our super secret plan behind this, hmm? Maybe we’re looking for the most intelligent human who will then be tasked with making first contact with an alien civilization, you know.

And maybe not. Please focus on spotting the differences in the images below.

Test begins in 3… 2… 1…

1. Puzzle number one


Source: bloggersarena

Don’t scroll down until you are ready.

Given up? Got it? Then scroll.

ANSWER: Look at the bottom right corner. There you will find the difference – it’s a mouse hole.

2. Puzzle number two


Source: theincrediblefacts

How about this, Test Subject?

Can you spot the difference between the two Mona Lisa paintings, and discover the original from the fake?

ANSWER: The painting on the right has a slightly lighter background, and it is slightly less wide and cropped.

3. Puzzle number three


Source: cloudfront

How about this one?

Did you spot the difference? Oh, really, you did? Well look closer – there is more than one!

ANSWER: Well, the airplane in the top left corner is rather obvious. But that’s designed to distract you from the real difference… Need a hint? Check out the bus numbers.

4. Puzzle number four


Source: blogspot


Yes, I thought it’s the meter too, but the meter is the same. So what about something else?

ANSWER: Notice the bolts just under the orange knob on the right side of the pictures? Well, try and count the bolts.

5. Puzzle number five


Source: unique


Take your time, this one is really tricky.

ANSWER: Pay attention to Mickey Mouse – and his ears.

6. Puzzle number six


Source: unique

And this one is even more difficult.

Don’t worry, we won’t be mad if you can’t find it. You’ll just fail the test, though. Such poor perception skills… What, you’re giving up?

ANSWER: See that yellow ribbon between the two hands on the image on the left? Well, please try to find it in the image on the right. You can’t can you?

7. Puzzle number seven


Source: cdn.univverse

You made it this far, huh? Well, we’ll see if you can crack this one.

It is especially tricky and difficult to solve There are so many details, and yet, such a simple image. Can your detective’s eye find what’s wrong?

ANSWER: Look at the forest on the right-hand side of the pictures. There are smudge-like formations between the trees, which are actually huts. But if you count them on the picture on the left, you’ll see 4 huts. While on the image on the right – there are only 3 huts. One is missing. The perfect way for a villain to hide their hideout, don’t you think…

8. Puzzle number eight


Source: ytimg

Ah, you made it to the final puzzle!

Let’s see how you do on this one. If you solve this, you’re eligible for Phase 4 of our super-secret test! Scroll down for the solution when ready.

ANSWER: Look below the porch of the shed. See that small plank supporting it, placed sideways, in the image on the left? Compare it with the image on the right and you’ll realize it’s missing!

Source: tapoos

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