8 Signs That Will Reveal Your Jordans Are Fake

It was the distant 1985 when Nike first launched the Air Jordan’s. The basketball footwear was created for former professional basketball player Michael Jordan, by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore. The great Chicago Bulls basketball player, Michael Jordan, wore them with pride. Nowadays, a lot of people think these are the basics in a person’s wardrobe. If you’re a huge fan of Air Jordan basketball shoes, and also love to shop on Amazon or Ebay, be careful not to get fake ones. Here are some signs on how to distinguish between real and fake Air Jordans, courtesy of Providr.

1. Spot the details carefully.

For example, if you look carefully, you can see that the edges of the real Jordan’s are more rounded. Also, the needle holes are smaller and more subtle.


2. Watch out for the tongue

On the real ones, the tongue is also more rounded. The fake ones have a bit misshapen tongue.


3. The biggest difference might be in the graphics on the shoe.

Take the jumping player for instance. He is perfectly centered on the real ones. However, when you have fake ones, the player is a bit off out of position.


4. The owl symbol is also important.

Drake’s OVO label is known for the owl symbol and the fake one is thicker as well as wider. You can always google a bit more before buying these shoes.


5. Research the original color scheme.

It’s important to do so because sometimes a subtle difference will reveal the truth.


6. Check for appropriate signs of a counterfeit product.

Examine the box for any possible misspells or strange textures. Don’t forget to compare.


7. Examine the material.

If the real shoe is supposed to be suede but is being sold as leather, you might be getting a fake pair of sneakers.


8. The stitching matters.

The real Jordan’s will be meticulously made. Te fake ones might give out sloppy errors.


Here are some other things you should know before buying new shoes.

Source: providr

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