An 86-Year-Old Grandmother Loses 120 Pounds By Walking Around Her House

Now that January is almost gone, for all of us that made some resolutions to lose weight, the struggle is real. We tend to go too hard in the first week and then slowly give up. While a healthy diet and exercising are crucial to shed some ‘not wanted’ pounds, we don’t always need a gym membership to get things done. Sometimes all it takes is hard work and determination from the comfort of your home and the results will for sure come.

Take the 86-year-old grandmother named Jessica Slaughter who lives alone with the goal of losing weight on her mind. She reached it by walking inside her house every morning. Slaughter walks 3,000 steps every day and her efforts were not in vain as it resulted for her to drop 120 pounds.

86-Year-Old Loses 120 Pounds
Credit: KSDK News

Despite that she’s quite old and lives only by herself, this didn’t stop her to go for what she wanted. In an interview for KSDK News, Slaughter also spoke about how she stopped eating meat and that her struggle with obesity dates ages ago:

Even as a kid in Mississippi, I was always the fattest kid in the class. I got teased a lot. I didn’t know how to stop eating. Fried chicken. Bacon and eggs. Desserts, like cakes and pies.

Credit: KSDK News

Then she continued:

I went to my doctor for a checkup. He told me my health was better than his. I was a borderline diabetic. I’m free of all that, and I know it came from my way that I eat and exercise. I walk 3,000 steps every morning before I stop walking.

The inspirational grandmother has a message for all the people who think that age might be an obstacle to reach certain goals in life, telling them that ‘just because we’ve gotten a certain age, we don’t have to stop living and there can be a better life if we choose to have it.’

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