This 86-Year-Old Lady Has Become A Great-Grandmother For The 86th Time

You reckon how much grandparents love having kids around. They will have one and they are delighted, they will have two and they are thrilled, they will have three and they’ll be joyful, and they might even have 86 and they’ll still be content!

It’s true, while we do seem to worry our grandparents quite a lot, probably with our own youngster attitudes from time to time, we still love and respect them to the max! I mean, simply thinking about how much our grandmas love seeing us eat, is a clear indicator of how much they love us and care about us. They are full of kindness, happiness, and positivity. We can’t help but be the same around them.

But, let us tell you the wonderful case of this Ohio grandma named Marie Frey! She seems to have a lucky number, and it’s 86. She celebrated her 86th birthday just in time to welcome her 86th great-grandchild! She has become a great-grandma for the 86th time, simply a week after turning 86, according to Pop Sugar. She had 15 children with her late husband, Gerald, and then the children had a combined 68 kids, with Frey being a grandma close to 70 times.

See the picture below:

This past June, Blakely Grace Fray was born, making the lady a great-grandmother for the 86th time. She is expecting the great-grandchildren 87 and 88 this year. Oh, and she also has six step-grandchildren.

I’m pretty sure this lady is delighted to have all this love and happiness all around her, and all of it coming from the people she loves the most – her family.

We wish her and her family a long, healthy, and happy life! We can’t wait to hear about the new additions!

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Source: Parents


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