These 9 Exercises Will Make You Lose Belly Fat And Flatten Your Stomach

Belly fat is notoriously stubborn and is the toughest fat to get rid of on your body. When it comes to fat around your midsection, also know as visceral fat, it’s more than just a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight. It is also the most harmful fat in your body that is linked to many diseases. And even though, losing fat from this area can be extremely hard there are some things you can do to reduce excess abdominal fat.

On top of a healthy diet with specific foods to target your stomach, you will need exercises that are fairly easy to do and won’t take a lot of time.

Here are nine of those exercises, courtesy of Tiphero. 


1. The roll

If you want to target your lower abs you will need to first lay on your back, then bring your legs up to the ceiling and spread your arms. After that, your legs need to drop down but try not to touch the floor. Then, bring your knees to the chest and up, and then down. This move will really engage your abs, you need to repeat it for 30 seconds.

2. Windmills

To target the lower abs and obliques stay in the same position like the previous exercise, just drop the legs on to the sides without touching the floor. Repeat this for 30 seconds, going from one to side to the other.

3. Starfish crunch

If you want to focus on the lower abs, spread your legs and arms apart to look like you are a starfish. After that touch the opposite foot to the opposite hand for 30 seconds.

4. Mountain climbers

This exercise will work on your entire core. Stand on your arms like you would do for a plank position just higher, and bring in your knees to touch the chest. Exchange your legs for 30 seconds.

5. Russian twists

To target your obliques you can do the famous Russian twists. Sit on the floor and lean back at 45-degree angle with your legs and feet on the ground. That way it will be easier than keeping them in the air. After that twist your abdominal area by conveying your hands to the side for 30 seconds.

6. Spiderman planks

Instead of doing a regular plank, you can take it to another level and do the Spiderman plank to work out your center core. First get in a push-up position, lift one leg so your knees will be twisted to 90 degrees and hold for 15 seconds.

7. Single leg drops

If you want to focus on the lower abs lay with your back on the floor, extend your legs and start lowering them one after the other. Make sure you don’t touch the floor and repeat this for 30 seconds.

8. Twofold leg circles

For your entire core to be activated you need to lay on your back, lift your legs and start circling. Keep the legs together and circle one way for 30 seconds, then go the other way for 30 seconds.

9. Flutter kicks

Another great exercise for your lower abs is flutter kicks. Try and keep your back flat on the floor as much as you can and lift your legs. Then start kicking the air with your legs until you feel your lower muscles burning.

For a full visual tutorial watch the video posted by XHIT Daily.

Source: XHIT Daily
From: tiphero

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