9 Reasons To Convince You That Waking Up Early Can Literally Transform Your Life

George Allen, Sr. said it right when he stated: Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day. Even if you hate waking up early and call yourself a night owl, because for one reason or another you have convinced yourself, that you are more creative during nighttime; or that you love more the night compared to the day; all of those reasons can be true, yes, just as the list of reasons we are going to present to you is true.

Nights are very beautiful, and very inspiring, and romantic, and cozy and everything; I agree, just as you must agree that mornings are a better choice if you decide to change your life and your wellbeing for good. Little changes in life bring the bigger changes. If you are always going to lead the same kind of living, you are not going to enjoy life to the fullest. Try it out for a month or two to be an early bird, because why not. What is that you can lose? Nothing but stressing out yourself with statements such as Oh, it’s morning, let’s better leave this task for afternoon hours. And then afternoon comes and you have a dozen other tasks postponed and anxiety kicks in.

Waking up early can have numerous benefits. It takes only one habit to open the gate for other habits to follow. We are what we do, right? Habits make us who we are. Then maybe it’s time for you to start removing some of the bad habits from your life and add some better ones. The quality of your life will improve for sure. So, if you have decided to change your sleeping hours and become an early bird; or already are an early bird but sometimes you miss the late hours staying late kind of nights; then you are on the right page to convince you that waking up early can be life-changing.


1. You Get Plenty Of Time To Be Completely Awake
9 reasons waking up early transform your life

Probably it crossed your mind plenty of times already how good it would be if you would stop waking up late to not have to rush like crazy to complete all your morning rituals so that you reach work or school on time. It’s now time you do it. It’s not enough to take a cold shower to knock yourself out of the sleepy state. The so-called sleep inertia stays with you for 2-4 hours after you wake up. During that, your functions of memory, attention, and reaction don’t work well enough and need some time to do so.


2. Your Sleep Quality Will Improve

Waking up early has a positive impact on the quality of your sleep and this is backed up by research too. People who wake up early have a lower likelihood of suffering from sleep disorders, meanwhile, late risers are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders. Even if people who go to bed late spend more hours staying in bed, the quality of their sleep is not good enough.


3. Waking Up Won’t Be Such A Terrifying Ordeal
9 reasons waking up early transform your life

Snooze, snooze, snooze – adding extra minutes or even hours to your sleeping won’t do any good to your brain. Also, it leaves you feeling guilty when you finally decide to get up. Guil tripping yourself is not good for your mental health, just as snoozing is not good for the well-being of your brain. Don’t fool yourself to think that by snoozing you are stealing some time to rest, that’s not resting. What you actually are stealing is time from your own clock of life, which could actually be invested into something better which would make a better you. Snoozing leaves you fill feelings of grogginess and crankiness!


4. You’ll Become Fitter Than Before

Did you know that your metabolism gets slowed down by a disturbed sleep cycle? Snoozing the alarm clock is bad for your sleep cycle. Instead of using the snooze to get more time in bed, use it to better work out. Why not build some muscle. Convert those minutes you snooze to minutes you contribute to your body, and see what happens.


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5. You Don’t Procrastinate As Much Anymore


Postponing to do essential tasks and chores to the evening, is a habit of people who procrastinate. This leads to delays in sleeping because this makes them feel like they have less time. If you decide to use nighttime only for sleeping, you will get everything done on time when you become an early riser.


6. You’ll Be Motivated To Do More

You will experience high levels of motivation to do and accomplish more if you sign into the early risers club. According to one particular study, when you wake up early, you have plenty of time left to get ready to leave the house, plan out your day, think of your long-term goals, and comprehend better the tasks you have been assigned.


7. Learning Seems Much Easier
9 reasons waking up early transform your life

It’s harder to learn something new on a tired, sleepy mind. However if you’re awake and energized, that becomes easier. That’s because they reach school or work right on time, and they are not distracted or still sleepy, that’s why their brains are more prepared to get new information.


8. You Get To Inculcate New Good Habits

A recent study found out that the link between having bad habits and waking up late is strong which leads to believe that if you implement the habit of waking up early, more of good habits are there to come. Rising sooner will force you to lead a healthier lifestyle because you won’t be having the time to involve in wild nights and temptations anymore.


9. You’ll Become A Happier Person


If you didn’t know, your psychological state and overall happiness depend on the time at which you start your day. Happiness is truly free and you can get it if you play with numbers when you adjust that alarm clock. That means, make it early which means go to bed early. Depression and mood swings are reduced for people who change their lifestyle from staying up late to waking up early. Do you want to be happier? Ask yourself, what to do you want. The answers are here.


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