9 Tips That Will Help You Get Those Right Swipes From Women On Tinder

Ah, Tinder and online dating. If we can even call it that. I’m fairly sure it does not fit the definition of dating any longer. It is, however, highly entertaining sometimes!

Our romantic expectations:


Or, highly frustrating, depending on which end you are. Getting lots of matches and good dates? Good for you, life is magical. And you’re probably a woman. But what if you’re getting zero matches, and no dates whatsoever? And it’s been the third month? Chances are you’re a guy. Well, we better fix that and fast!



Today, thanks to Tapoos, we’ll be looking at Tinder, and what makes people swipe right (and ‘like’ you). Well, by people here I mean women. Sorry ladies, we’ll be looking at how to make guys swipe right more often… After they actually stop massively swiping everyone right before even bothering to look.

But here’s what ladies want – and what makes them swipe right and start chatting.

1. Wear something nice for that Tinder picture

Each day, people swipe 1.4 billion times on Tinder. Around 1 billion of those are probably performed by men, though. Needless to say, there is massive competition, and you need to stand out. So dressing to impress will definitely improve your chances!

2. Women like pets, man. So give women those pets.

Buuuut, it’s probably best if the pets are cute dogs or cats. Tarantulas, pythons, frogs, turtles, tigers and dinosaurs probably won’t make her swipe right.

3. Stop using baby pics to hack women’s brains

Cough. While not exactly the most honorable thing to do, it sometimes works, which is making it a trend. It’s Tinder, and babies shouldn’t even be a factor here, but sometimes a woman will swipe right at the picture of a baby. If cats and dogs help you, why not pictures of baby you, right? Who knows what’s going through her mind in a moment like that? That it’s cute so swipe it swiiiipeeee iittt daaaawww? That you have a sense of humor? That you’re a man who values family? Who knows. But if you land a date just because of a baby pic, don’t act surprised or try to run away when the girl starts talking about having kids. With you.

4. Do you have hobbies? Put them in your bio.

Bios should be concise and to the point. Sure, if you’re a writer, you can put something longer and still entertain the ladies, but more often than not, women will just swipe left. So, hobby, and keep it short and sweet (K.I.S.S.)

5. No threats

It’s a definite turn off. Just don’t do it. Don’t put conditions either, like “If you don’t bother to talk don’t even swipe me.” Sometimes people swipe other people just for the sake of it. We’ve all been drunk, desperate, or just didn’t mean it, so don’t be MEAN about it. It’s not like you would message every woman you’ve swiped right.

6. Photos of you and your ex

What are you trying to achieve, exactly? Get ignored? Because that’s what you’ll get.

7. Take your eyeglasses off

It’s not as weird as it sounds, and it’s backed up by Tinder’s own internal research: “Assessing someone’s face goes far beyond physical attractiveness; it allows for a user to determine whether someone is kind, compassionate, or trustworthy,” says a certain Dr. Jess. “An individual’s eyes are particularly critical for determining their trustworthiness. By wearing hats or glasses/sunglasses, a person may be obstructing their eyes and, therefore, not allowing a prospective match to evaluate their trustworthiness.” Makes sense!

8. Use Tinder’s ‘Smart Photos’ feature

If you activate this, Tinder rearranges your photos so that your most popular pic is shown most frequently to the ladies, therefore boosting your chances to get swiped right.

9. Try to meet soon

When you finally get that swipe, make efforts to actually meet the girl. You know, under the assumptions that it was an honest right swipe and not just something you did to increase your chances. And under the condition that your chat was actually okay. (Uh, so many hurdles!). Well, if you passed all those, take a tip from science. Assistant professor of human communications at Trinity College, Erin Sumner, Ph.D. says: “If you wait too long, you risk idealization—she’ll have created a fantasy of who you are, and the real person will be a letdown.” Sumner’s research found that the ideal period is around 17 days from the first message – or else, other dudes will chat her up. And steal her from you, I guess? Oh well.

Source: tapoos