‘A Star Is Born’ Is Re-Released In Theaters With 12 Minutes Of New Footage

If you just can’t get enough of A Star Is Born, then you are in luck because this movie is the gift that just keeps on giving…

Not only did we get an amazing love story brought to us by the very talented Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, but we also had all their interviews, the amazing on and off-screen chemistry between the stars, as well as that unforgettable Oscars performance. But don’t think that the Oscars is the last you’ve seen of the movie…

According to The Hollywood ReporterA Star Is Born is set to be re-released in over 1,150 theaters for a week-long run on March 1, and the new version will include an extra 12 minutes of footage we haven’t seen before! This new release is in honor of Gaga winning an Oscar for original song for “Shallow.”

a star is born new footage
Photo Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

First released in cinemas in early October 2018, the movie has grossed over $425 million at the worldwide box office and snatched a number of Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture.

As to what this new footage will include, apparently, it’s extended performances of the songs “Black Eyes” and “Alibi,” Ally singing an improvised acapella performance of “Shallow” in the parking lot scene at the beginning of the film, as well as an extended scene of Ally singing “Is That Alright” to Cooper’s character Jackson at their wedding, and the duo writing a new song titled “Clover,” which you can watch right here.

Gaga and Cooper performed a really steamy rendition of their Oscar-winning song “Shallow” at this year’s Oscars, which prompted a lot of fans to say the duo are “in love” despite the fact Cooper is already in a long-term relationship with model Irina Shayk and the two share a child together. Gaga has, however, put an end to these claims in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel where she said the performance was all an act.


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