18 Absurd Fashion Trends The Year 2017 Produced

2018 is only a few days away now! And you know what that means! It’s time to reminisce! We are going to take a long, hard look back at this past year’s highlights (and lowlights, of course). No, we aren’t about to set sail on a journey through the most important developments in science, art, or politics. That’s way too serious, and we are just trying to relax and have a bit of fun, maybe even laugh a little. Which is why we are going to revisit this year’s strangest fashion trends!

Some of these fads were made popular by celebs like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid. And since we, common people, love following the example set by the rich and famous, these trends, despite being, well, odd, went viral.

Here are 18 of the most absurd and ridiculous fashion trends that were popular in 2017, courtesy of Tapoos.

1. Car mat skirts

Who would want to wear a skirt that looks like a car mat? Apparently, someone in Balenciaga did. The luxury fashion house received a lot of negative feedback on this clothing item of clothing due to its uncanny resemblance to a 40 dollar car mat. And the ridiculous price of over $2,000 certainly didn’t help the sales of the horrendous garment.



2. Double jeans

You haven’t heard about the double jeans? Oh, man, you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s like wearing two pairs of jeans at once; a low-waisted pair over a high-waisted one. This is great if you are one of those gangsta types who like to wear their trousers as low as possible, but aren’t too keen on putting their undies on public display. Besides, Rihanna was seen rocking one of these, and that cemented their status as a fashion trend. You might also be interested, and astonished, to know that this item is currently sold out…



3. The IKEA’s Frakta shopping bags

This apparently wasn’t a good year for Balenciaga and originality. The car mat skirt failure wasn’t enough for the Spanish brand, as they “came up” with this cool blue bag that seems vaguely familiar. Oh that’s right! It looks exactly like an IKEA tote bag! Yes, it’s made of blue, wrinkled, glazed leather, while the 40p IKEA version is from a synthetic material, but would you really pay $2,000 for it? I don’t think so. At least they didn’t get into trouble with the Swedish furniture retailer, as IKEA seems to be more than happy to have provided inspiration for a fashion designer.


4. Jeans bikini-pants

If you’re not really the kind of person to wear the jean-on-jean combo, here we have another denim-based duo. The jeans bikini-pants (or JBPs for short) are, shall we say, an acquired taste. The strangeness of the design cannot be justified in any way, but perhaps it can be sort of explained by saying that it was created by the Japanese. The Japanese Sanna’s Brazil Fashion clothing company to be more precise…



5. Two-faced shoes

Oh, this is genius! This was like made for people who deal in potentially illegal activities. Wear these shoes and you’re bound to confuse the law-enforcement when they examine the footprints you leave behind – they won’t know which way you’ve come from and which way you were going! Other than that, there isn’t much point to these silly shoes. Created in collaboration with Frye, these Hood by Air boots are apparently an experimental design meant for the runways.



6. Duvet ponchos

Who doesn’t love curling up under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day? Now you can wear you blanket like a poncho and carry it around with you wherever you go. Perfect for lazy people!



7. Men’s hairy chest swimsuit

Women and men are supposed to be equal, right? So why do men have hairy chests and women don’t? That’s not fair! Therefore, someone came up with this incredible idea… You know, some ideas are best left at that: they shouldn’t be allowed to grow into something more. This horrific bathing suit, made by the company Beloved shirts, comes in three different shades so you can choose the best match for your skin tone.



8. RompHim

And continuing with the gender equality theme: women have romp-hers (rompers), but what about men? Well, the ACED Design company came up with a solution for this problem and it’s called RompHim. Rompers for men aren’t really a new thing, but the clever rebranding and punny name were an almost guaranteed recipe for success.



9. Clear knee mom jeans

If you’re looking for a present to get your mum for Mother’s day, look elsewhere. These awful Topshop jeans are definitely not something anyone would ever like to wear. And why are they called ‘mom jeans’? No-one knows. Maybe someone thought mothers spend a lot of time on their knees and this would prevent the jeans from tearing or getting dirty in the knee region… Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather not go around with fogged up and sweaty plastic on my knees.



10. Pre-destroyed Margiela sneakers

Why bother destroying your own shoes when you can have someone else do it for you? For the low price of only $1425 you can now have your very own already worn-out pair of sneakers! What a bargain!


11. Fried Chicken pants

For those of you who want to have their legs looking like pieces of chicken (or maybe carrots): don’t worry! Someone in the world has thought of you and your plight and has created these weird shaped pants. Enjoy!



12. Straw Hat Dress

Wearing a hat on your head is just ridiculous! Hats were obviously meant to be worn as a dress! If you want the unforgettable itchy experience of wearing a dress made entirely of straw hats with no lining whatsoever, now you can! If you have $3000 to spare.



13. Sweater sleeves

Have you ever felt cold, but only on your arms, not on your torso? You have? Weirdo… Still, good news for you: Calvin Klein has designed these $2,000 sweater sleeves especially for you! But there are some bad news too: they’re sold out. It’s not really just sleeves, though. The unisex sweater does have a middle section, but it’s almost sheer.



14. Crotch-less Jeans

You’d think the principal purpose of trousers is to cover up your nether regions. And then they come up with this. Jeans that have a waist attached to the legs by suspenders, but no crotch area. Why? Who knows how designers come up with this stuff, but, incredibly, it seems to be working. One self-declared fan of these $300 jeans is model Gigi Hadid.



15. Clear jeans

Again, why would you wear trousers that are: a) completely see-through forcing you to wear something else underneath; b) made of plastic that is likely to fog up; and c) bound to make you look like a wrapped gift?



16. Ultra long sleeves

This is great if you’re suffering from perpetually cold hands. But I think I’d prefer that to sacrificing the benefits of being able to use my hands.



17. Huge Ruffles

Finally, here is something that isn’t completely ridiculous. The comeback of huge ruffles and flowing cuts has divided the opinions on the Internet, but it’s definitely the best trend this year has produced.



18. The Trump-suit

Because obviously the hairy-man-chest swimsuit wasn’t silly enough, here is another, this one featuring Trump’s face. If you feel like walking down the beach wearing the President of the U.S. of A. looking very surprised on your chest, then this $50 one-piece is the thing for you.


Source: Tapoos