Accentuate Your Assets With The Newest Bikini Trick

The new trick of tying the straps of bikinis around the midsection is now officially a thing!

If you scroll through the explore page on Instagram, you will most likely see models showcasing their toned bodies in what is the newest bikini optical illusion – tying the straps around the midsection to draw attention to the slimmest part of the stomach area.

Models like Olivia Mathers, Belle Lucia, and Natasha Oakley are quite fond of the new trend, as well as Emily Ratajkowski a.k.a. Emrata, and Sierra Skye.

Now you can eat all the leftover pizza without thinking it twice. But there’s a catch, though — the trick will only work if you have overly long straps on your bikinis. But don’t worry, as most bikini brands provide extra straps.

Heartland & Baulch, an Australian brand took to Instagram to share a picture of a model wearing her swimsuit sideways, and now it’s my new favorite thing.

Instagram influencers like Hollie Parsons and Sofia Jamora were seen rocking the trend, however, some people have been left quite confused by the look.

One person wrote underneath the American model, Sierra Skye’s picture, saying:

Where did you buy this top from? It’s so unique.

While another person, who seems to know things, wrote:

It’s a regular black top, love. The neck strings are just tied behind her back.

bikini trick

The whole ‘wearing an upside down bikini’ thing started last year when Aussie label, Catnik, shared a picture of a model in a revealing cleavage, wearing the bikini upside down.

bikini trick

You can achieve the look even in a one-piece bikini, just like Sofia Jamora in the picture below.

bikini trick

Reportedly, the trick was first invented by Italian model Valentina Fradegrada.

You can rock the look by simply tying a knot at the top of your chest with the halter straps, thus separating the ‘triangle’ portion of the material. There’s only one issue – the only thing holding the bikini together is the bust, there’s no support by the straps.

Some people were quite fascinated by the trick, claiming it was like an ‘instant boob job,’ while others think not all breasts can pull off this.

One woman wrote:

My boobs would fall into the hole.

bikini trick

What do you think of the new trend? Yay or nay?


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Source: Dailymail