12+ Times Accidental Art Beats Intentional Art

Have a look around! How many beautiful things did you encounter? Yes, we are surrounded by art. I’m not talking about the paintings of some famous artists the world knows, but about everyday beautiful things we just tend to miss noticing. Humans have the capacity to create masterpieces, but have you ever thought of accidental art or art created by natural forces?

Scroll down below to check some pics Bored Panda has gathered when unintended art turned out great. It even has the power to defeat human-made art. Also, consider this as a reminder to check your environment. You might discover some hidden artistic pieces around. And don’t forget to take a picture. Someone, somewhere in the world would be pleased to see it.


1. Finger Brains! Have been doing the dishes of the entire neighborhood, and then… realized my hands had turned into something really cool

Photo Credit: neeto85

2. Waking up to snow is probably one of the best feelings, but waking up to snow and a fancy and futuristic fence design is a whole another level

Photo Credit: Greien218

3. I wish morning frost in my yard behaves this artistically

Photo Credit: Kvapil

4. What does your cat do? Oh, he is a fur tattooist

Photo Credit: drewsoulman

5. Oranges snapped through the glass panes of a greenhouse

Photo Credit: mikeleus

6. Next time, when someone intends to throw a rock on your car window, let them know you want a similar bird-shaped art

Photo Credit: AshlynnMartell

7. When you spill water on your furniture, make sure to snap a shot, because you might not be that lucky next time

Photo Credit: Roccobot

8. Well played, shadow! I really like the pattern you created

Photo Credit: BookerDeWittsCarbine

9. Who spilled what on the wall? Oh, never mind! They gave birth to a tiny town, so it’s okay

accidental art
Photo Credit: bonerificnoodles

10. Check out your bike seat! There might be growing a forest

accidental art
Photo Credit: teton_blamer

11. Car window art! The only mud splashes that have the audacity to challenge Claude Monet

accidental art
Photo Credit: buzzy5

12. My coffee, Snoopy and I are having a great time together

accidental art
Photo Credit: Tacec

13. Oh, no! A volcano erupted on a lid

accidental art
Photo Credit: sylvester49

14. Spilled some ink and suddenly it turned into a forest fire

accidental art
Photo Credit: BrucePee



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