Girl Shares The Truth Behind Being An Acrylic Nails Addict

Nail biting when you are stressed or bored is truly the worst habit you can develop. Your nails, no matter how many times a day you wash your hands, are still full of unhealthy bacteria.

So whenever you find yourself ‘feasting’ on your nails, give yourself a pep talk.

Personally, one of the very first things I notice in a person are their hands and nails. Having strong, beautiful nails makes me feel much more confident… And I have no idea why.

I mean, just look how beautiful Amelia Perrin’s hands look:

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Those dark maroon painted dagger-like nails are to die for…

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The soft pink look will have your nails look all natural and clean.

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But Amelia wanted people to see the reality behind being an acrylic nail addict. She uploaded a picture of her real nails and I honestly can feel her pain.

Usually, I am pretty tough and these things don’t get to me, but this picture looks absolutely mortifying.

Amelia shared that she wore acrylics for about 6 consecutive years. Due to the fact that she always went to remove them professionally, Amelia never really struggled with them. This one time, her schedule was quite tight and she could not squeeze in an appointment to her nail salon. Instead, she simply ripped them off. This led to her nails getting damaged and they became really thin and brittle.

But this is not always the case. Britney Tokyo who takes care of Kim Kardashian’s, Rita Ora’s and FKA Twigs’ nails claims that acrylics are safe, but removing them forcibly and incorrectly can damage them.

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Britney has an advice for everyone:

I never want anyone to peel off their gel or acrylic nails. By peeling off, the original nails can get severely damaged and very thin.

But if you absolutely have to remove your acrylics at home, you can always soak your nails for a few minutes in nail polish remover and that should do the trick.

She has let her nails rest for a few days and they are already improving.

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Source: Amelia Perrin