5 Times Actors Worked Together Despite Hating Each Other’s Guts

It happens very often that two actor share such a sizzling chemistry on screen that you can’t help but root for them to get together in real life as well. And sometimes they do! Other times they’re only acting. Not really shocking, considering they are actually actors and all, but still. You can’t help but feel a little bit let down when you find out that two people who seemed to get on so well on screen, not necessarily in a romantic way, actually hated each other in real life! It’s just so sad! Here are 5 examples of famous people who really didn’t like working together, and yet they did so, and some of them rather brilliantly. This list is courtesy of Tapoos.

1. Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford


With legendary films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones behind him, it’s hard to imagine to imagine that Harrison Ford could ever star in a bad movie. But his Hollywood Homicide definitely wasn’t very successful. In this 2003 buddy cop comedy, Ford was the senior officer in charge of teaching his younger partner, played by Josh Hartnett, the ways of law enforcement. But the two actors had zero chemistry together which probably was the main reason why the movie didn’t do well at all.

But the lack of chemistry wasn’t the only problem. Tensions arose between the two to such extents that they couldn’t even look at each other while performing scenes. Rumor has it that Ford used to call Hartnett “punk”, and the younger actor referred to him as “an old fart”.

2. Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy


Shia LaBeouf has often been featured in the media due to his antics. One of those times was when he starred in Lawless with Tom Hardy. The 2012 crime drama was well-received, but its two protagonists didn’t get along at all. Once they got into an argument while filming a scene and it even got physical! The crew had to interfere to stop the fight. After the fact, Hardy spoke about the incident and said that LaBeouf had knocked him out, but he said it sarcastically, ridiculing the possibility that LaBeouf would ever be able to beat him in a fight.

3. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan


Johnson and Dornan thrilled their fans with their sizzling on-screen relationship, but in real life, the two actors simply cannot see eye-to-eye. The main reason behind their disagreement seems to be the fact that Johnson is very demanding on set. In fact, a source for Radar Online revealed that she was acting so much like a diva, that the director called her mother, Melanie Griffith, to tell her to set her daughter straight. Dornan apparently finds her so obnoxious and unbearable that since they wrapped filming he hasn’t spoken to her.

4. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny


If you’ve seen the X-Files you know there’s an incredible chemistry between Mulder and Scully. That must mean the actors get along very well in real life as well, right? Wrong! In fact, quite the opposite goes for Anderson and Duchovny who apparently can’t stand each other. Shooting a TV series usually requires working really long hours, and perhaps the fact that they had to spend up to 16 hours a day together contributed to them becoming sick of each other. Whatever the reason, it seems that the two actors hate each other and they don’t often have good words to say about each other. Duchovny has spoken about Anderson’s perfectionist tendencies and has even called her a “pain in the ass”.

5. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams


The Notebook is now considered to be one of the greatest love stories ever told. It conquered the hearts of people all around the world, and the performances of its protagonists, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, were so believable that people wished their love was a true story. But the actors didn’t get along at all. Gosling even tried to have McAdams replaced and he actively tried to get her removed from set during breaks.

True, they did have a little romance going on though, but at a time, the set was not the happiest place for them.

Source: tapoos