DIY Address Numbers Made Of Screws Will Give Your Home A New Touch

Are you a DIY master? Me neither, but there is something so satisfying in doing a little project of your own. At least when it’s successful. Well, we have one project for all of you aspiring handymen out there!

This project developed and executed by user BryDanger, who struts his DoItYourself stuff on craftsmanship website Instructables, is a great way to save money on modern standoff house numbers (which can cost up to $50 per number!). Instead, Bry decided to use what he already had left over after a previous project: a half-empty box of screws!

Well, you might have trouble believing how cool a bunch of screws can look like when one knows what to do with them. And that’s exactly what the DIY philosophy is about: instead of throwing away, reuse; instead of wasting money, save it for something you really need. It doesn’t get much more sustainable than that.


Instructables | brydanger

BryDanger first found a template for the standoff number he needed


Instructables | brydanger

Then, he just taped up the grid where he wanted his industrial numbers to sit

Next, he poked holes into the wood where he intended to drill the screws.


Instructables | brydanger

Then, he just followed the outline and screwed the screws into place

Needless to say, he needed a LOT of screws and a bag of patience. However, it will all be worth it in the end when you see the final result.


Instructables | brydanger

Here is the final result: a cool new look that gave the front of his home that special something all of us want, for the price of a box of screws!


Instructables | brydanger

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Source: Diply