16 Adorable Decor Ideas For Your Home

You don’t know what delicious to cook next, you search Pinterest. If you don’t know how to clean the messy kitchen without too much hassle, you ask Pinterest for some cleaning ideas. If you want to make or buy some special and unique gift for your loved ones, Pinterest is there to help you with some ideas. There are plenty of hacks for home decor, too.

Keep scrolling for some amazing decor ideas, compiled by Diply and start transforming your home with ease.

1. Throw pillows are your new friends

Pillows in all shapes, colors and designs can make a big difference in a room. Choose some with cool pattern or printing and give your home a whole new look.


Source: Instagram | @theresagromski

2. Paint a stenciled design onto an old wooden table to give it an ultimate upgrade

Can you imagine how simple would that table look if it wasn’t for the cool paint design? So creative and beautiful.


Source: Pinterest

3. Plants add an element of life to any space

Look how cute and adorable the small plants look in cool mugs like these ones. Instead of traditional mugs choose funny and hand-painted ones.


Source: Etsy

4. Use candles to create a makeshift bookshelf

Simple and useful. Make yourself a unique ever-changing bookshelf on the corner of a table or desk.


Source: Instagram | @strandbookstore

5. Hang curtains to create a sleeping space

How beautiful this is. What a difference those curtains make, right? They don’t only look nice but also, they divide your bed from the rest of the room.


Source: Pinterest

6. Sand and paint a wooden board to serve as a bathtub shelf

Simply paint a wooden board and you will have a place to put your wine glass and your book while taking a bubble bath.


Source: Pinterest

7. Utilize rustic wooden crates to make an entertainment system

It looks so vintage and cool, plus it will serve you as storage, too.


Source: Pinterest

8. Choose shelves that can also double as decor.

You can choose any shape, size, and color. They aren’t only functional but they look superb, too.


Source: Pinterest

9. A color-coordinated ladder over the toilet

This is so simple and practical, yet it provides the ultimate spa appearance.


Source: Pinterest

10. Store pantry staples in glass jars with simple labels

You could have everything ordered in a perfect manner, plus they look so cute, neat and tidy.


Source: Not Just A Housewife

11. A common color scheme makes simple things look better

The beauty is in all those golden details, right? Adorable.


Source: Pinterest | Decor Space Design

12. Paint mason jars and use them to store office supplies

The pastel colors are perfect. But, you could get as creative as you want while painting these jars. Use them to store office supplies or place them on your dresser and use them to store your makeup brushes.


Source: Pinterest

13. Do a modernized dry-erase board, that is also a miniature lightbox

Now writing on your whiteboard is so much more fun and cuter.


Source: Pinterest

14. Hang measuring spoons and draw basic measurements

This simple hack will be so practical.


Source: Pinterest

15. Store bathroom essentials in a DIY Mason jar organizer

Mason jars can be so useful, right? Use them to store cotton swabs and toothbrushes.


Source: Hometalk | The DIY Playbook

16. String some icicle lights and hang your Polaroids

I’m definitely doing this. Instead of forgetting your Polaroids in the drawer, this is an amazing way to decorate your wall while having them exhibited.


Source: Instagram | @herversity
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