12+ Adorable Pictures Of Dogs To Make Your Entire Day

Dogs are one hundred percent deserving of the title of a “man’s best friend”!

If you already have a furry, four-legged best friend, you know just how amazing dogs are. They’re loyal and affectionate, and they love you unconditionally.

I mean, have you ever left the house for ten minutes, came back, and had your dog jump on you like they haven’t seen you in days? Dogs also give the best cuddles and are always ready to stand up for you if someone’s bothering you.

And they are just so, so, so cute! And adorable. And pretty, and amazing and we really do not deserve them at all.  So, if you want your day to be made, scroll down to see a list of pictures of some really amazing puppers.


1. Very comfy!

Source: © Syendy/Pikabu


2. Peek-a-boop!


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3. “How do I look?”

Source: © alahnaly/Reddit


4. A dog with an attitude.


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5. Fluffy doggo – so fluffy I’m gonna die!

Source: © pikabu.ru


6. A mama and all of her little dogs!


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7. Quick, this is my good side!

Source: © alxandrwilliam/Twitter


8. Mumbles unintelligibly: “This is my ball. Mine. You can’t have it.”

Source: © Captain_Rocketbeard/Reddit


9. If you look too long, the eyes may hypnotize you…

Source: © DogHero/Imgur


10. “Okay now one with your tongue out.”

Source: © alicegirl28/Reddit


11. This is not a dog – it’s a teddy bear!

Source: © clontheaztec/ reddit


12.  Such a pretty lady!

Source: © bbycake/Reddit


13. Miniature bear.

Source: © unknown user/ imgur


14. This dog looks like a pageant queen of dogs.

Source: © swaru/Reddit


15. A twelve-week-old Golden that feels bad for peeing on the floor.

Source: © openforfun/Reddit


16. I still have a hard time believing these dogs are real.

adorable pictures of dogs

Source: © unknown user/ imgur


17. A miniature polar bear!

adorable pictures of dogs

Source: © unknown user/ imgur


18. “Just got my hair done, how do I look?”

adorable pictures of dogs

Source: © massivedawn/Reddit


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