12+ Adorable Pictures Of Puppies To Seriously Trigger Your “Cute Aggression”

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: the cure to a bad day is looking at pictures of adorable puppies on the Internet. It really is. It has scientifically been proven in a research I just made up.

Actually, have you noticed how adorable things, such as puppies, kittens, or babies make us want to squeeze, pinch, or bite them? That’s because, according to an actual, non-made up research, it could be our brain’s way of taking care of the creatures we find overwhelmingly cute. This reaction has been dubbed as “cute aggression”, and, be warned, the pictures we are about to show you will seriously trigger it.

But also, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll make your day better.

1. Probably calling on his friends to show them his new ride.

Source: © Jezuzismanigga / reddit

2. Oh, God… that’s not a puppy, that’s a teddy bear!

Source: © Coooturtle / reddit

3. Made himself a napping spot!

Source: © dabXO / reddit


4. Whoops! Didn’t see all that air on my way.

Source: © playpretendpro / reddit


5. If mashed potatoes ever became sentient, this is how they’d look…

Source: © unknown / reddit


6. If this isn’t every kid the morning of the planned beach trip…

Source: © louiebear / reddit


7. Just casually posing (look at the 2nd picture!)


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Source: Bearcoat_bozely


8. Puppy dog eyes overdose!

Source: © Loopdeloops / Imgur


9. Cute paws and belly rubs and little nips!

Source: © dnceebz / Imgur


10. Say cheese!


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Source: Markanthonyrivas


11. “This is my new dog, Blu. His tongue sticks out like this all the time.”

Source: © krone11 / reddit


12. Good job! We’re all so proud of you!

Source: © Kabooie / reddit


13. The majestic Golden Retriever, protector of the woods!

Source: © udeleted / reddit


14. Though we’re not sure what this is (bear? dog?), we’re all unable to deal with the adorableness!

Source: © HBorn / reddit


15. Just a fun play date between brothers!


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16. A big wrinkle! An adorable wrinkle! A wholesome wrinkle!


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17. “When you partied too hard last night and now you gotta clean up the litter the next morning.”

Source: © samosa_pav / reddit


18. Cute, little ladybug kisses!

adorable pictures of puppies
Source: © erik102696 / reddit


19. “Are you my new human?” Yes, I am!!

adorable pictures of puppies
Source: © daggum / reddit


20. That’s just a small, white potato and you can’t prove me wrong!

adorable pictures of puppies
Source: © unknown / reddit


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