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12+ Pictures Of Huskies Who Are Too Adorable (And Weird) For Words

12+ Pictures Of Huskies Who Are Too Adorable (And Weird) For Words

Since this is a post about Huskies, I’m gonna start with an interesting husky fact you may or may not have known. So, you probably remember the animated 1995 movie Balto, where a half-wolf risks his life to prevent a deadly epidemic from ravaging his town. Well, the movie is based on a true story which happened in January 1925 in Nome, Alaska, where an outbreak of diphtheria epidemic threatened the kids of the town. Since it was winter, the trains carrying the medicine from Anchorage could only make it so far, and the rest of the journey had to be done by mushers and teams of sled dogs.

There were twenty dogs who traveled 674 miles to transport the medicine home, and Balto, who was a Siberian husky, led the final 53 miles and made it just in time to save the kids. All the dogs were hailed heroes, and Balto even has a statue made in his honor in Central Park, New York. (And a movie based on him!)

Now, while the Huskies in the pictures below are probably not heroes in the traditional sense of the word, they are very adorable, very unique, and very hilarious in their own right. And if they had to, we have no doubt they would be just as heroic as Balto. But for now, they’re content just being silly.

So scroll down to see a list of Huskies, who are too cute for words:

1. This husky was raised by cats and so he behaves like a cat…

Source: Dong_of_justice


2. These huskies who appear to have run out of ink while printing

Source: r_gavin09


3. This husky’s owner pretended to throw a ball and captured the moment the dog realized he’d been betrayed…

Source: Husky Anuko

Totally not amused by this, Susan…


4. This one who looks like the very definition of an older brother dealing with the new kid…

Source: MaedayMaeday


5. This good boy who’s very excited about the stick he found!



6. I guess he remembered he was not allowed on the bed…

Source: bobbyinavolvo


7. Busted!

Source: BrennanSchulze


8. Awh, such a cute family portrait.

Source: vinkulelu


9. Yes, we’re twins, what do you mean?

Source: Portera2767


10. “Hey, hey, hey! Look what I can do!”

Source: maruhusky


11. “Hi, do you have some time to speak about our Lord and Savior?”

Source: chefwilliamtaylor


12. Next level husky.

Source: MrGrieves787


13. Look at this smile. Now, look at your heart. It’s melting, isn’t it?

Source: IManLiquid


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14. Get a dog, they said. It’ll protect you from house invaders, they said…

Source: letswastesometimetodayatwork


15. A truly majestic floor routine. 10/10. They won the gold!

Source: HellBetty42


16. “My girlfriend’s dog when someone’s at the door…”

Source: RWails


17. A vicious beast! Yes, of course, I mean the cat.

Source: steel_sky


18. This husky did the ultimate face of betrayal after his owner didn’t give him a bite of the burger…

Source: waxiestapple


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