Alaskan Malamute Takes Internet By Storm As He Sits Still On A Plane Seat, Taking Care Of His Disabled Owner

Having a dog as a friend means you will never be lonely, nor unhappy. They are one hundred percent deserving of the title of a “man’s best friend.”

Still having doubts?!

Well, new footage has emerged showing an adorable Alaskan Malamute as he sits very still while seated aboard a China Southern Airlines flight. The fluffy bundle (of love) was seated next to his disabled owner, taking care of him. The good boy is reportedly a service dog who has been approved to fly with his disabled owner to offer emotional support.

alaskan malamute sits still on an airplane seat
Luer Tuan Tuan/Weibo

People are swooning over the gorgeous dog whose identity is yet unknown, and the post went viral. One person even commented saying the only time they wouldn’t mind sitting next to somebody on the plane is if it were this dog. Same, kind person, same.

He seems to be observing his surroundings, seated on an airplane seat as the perfect passenger. Check the video below.

According to Southern Metropolis Daily, China Southern Airlines spoke to the journalists, explaining:

China Southern Airlines strictly follows the Civil Aviation Administration’s ‘Administrative Measures for Air Trafficking of Persons with Disabilities’ to formulate regulations for the transportation of disabled dogs in the company.

China Southern only accepts disabled dogs who meet the transportation conditions and have the conditions for flight. Cabin, including guide dogs, guide dogs, auxiliary dogs, do not accept pet dogs into the cabin.

The spokesperson for the airline also informed that for any kind of transport requirements, you could refer to the airline’s official website about travel/special assistance. They went on saying the airline will always respect the ‘people-oriented’ principle of service and will help and support disabled people, of course, according to relevant regulations.


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Source: Unilad