Woman Suffering From Alopecia Ditches Wig And Gets Modeling Contract

Many women experience hair loss at a certain point in their lives. For some, however, the condition is permanent and they lose all of their hair. If you keep complaining about bad hair days, here is a story that might make you value your hair more. One woman suffering from alopecia, which causes permanent hair loss, decided to lose the wig she wore and the decision resulted in an enormous life-improvement, culminating in her signing a modeling contract.

Therese Hanson is one of many women suffering from alopecia – a condition that makes people lose their hair prematurely. Once the hair has fallen off, there is no hope it will ever grow again and people like Therese remain bald for the rest of their lives.

Alopecia not only affects people visually, but it often induces great emotional distress. But Therese, who is from Sweden, decided not to let the condition dictate her life and gathered the courage to embrace baldness and take her wig off – she never expected that her life would change in the most incredible way.


Twenty-six-year-old Therese experienced severe hair loss when she was a teenager


She had little knowledge about alopecia and the permanent hair loss it causes


Initially, she hid the reason behind her rapid hair loss with only her closest people knowing the truth


Therese started using wigs to hide her baldness, as many patients do


However, now she has decided to embrace her baldness and natural look, saying:

“Now I feel like I should be myself and that it is needless to hide it anymore. Going out to public places with my alopecia is all I regret not doing before, but I just guess I wasn’t ready for it then.”


Amazingly, it was her move to ditch the wig that brought her a modeling contract.

GC Management, an agency who says they like individuality and diversity, noticed her looks and contacted her after she filled out an application.


An average person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, but alopecia multiplies that number manyfold


Therese says she is proud of herself and regrets not having shed the wigs sooner and tries to encourage people to accept their true selves


She says that after taking off her wig, she is more confident than ever


Here‘s how a bride who suffered from alopecia embraced her baldness on her wedding day.

Source: smalljoys