Some Amazing Orange Benefits That Everyone Of Us Needs To Know

Orange is a fruit widely known around the world. But the first oranges is believed that were grown in Asia. This resplendent and juicy fruit belongs to the Citrus family, along with tangerine, grapefruit, lemons and other related species.

Due to the plentiful nutrients that are present in oranges, there are so many orange benefits for our well-being that we can count down. Apart from finding a wide application for culinary purposes, they are also used in the beauty industry around the world. We can find them not only as candied orange slices, juices, and marmalades but also in different face and hair masks.

Orange trees grow to about 5 to 8 m tall. And their fruits are about 3 inches, and usually, weigh about 100-150 g. Oranges are mainly classified into two main categories: sweet and bitter oranges. But there also many orange types that may differ in shape and pulp color.

Oranges contain an abundance of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals like potassium and calcium. Moreover, orange peel also contains higher amounts of certain nutrients, so using the zest of orange will give your diet an extra boost.

Whether you like orange juice more or choose to eat fresh orange fruits, doctors say that eating an orange per day meets the required need for vitamin C.

Let us expand more on orange benefits.

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Orange benefits


May reduce blood pressure

We know that having normal blood pressure is crucial to life. But for various reasons, we can sometimes have our blood pressure too high, or even too low.  Although there are special medications to treat blood pressure according to a research an antioxidant found in oranges can contribute to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. The same research also suggests that the beneficial properties found in citrus fruits can prevent and cure several aspects of cardiovascular disease.

Fight kidney stones

Kidney stones may be painful but depending on the situation also curable at home. This stands if they are not causing major complications in your body, Mayoclinic writes. Many studies suggest that people who already have kidney stones should drink a lot of water but also citrus juices like orange juice can also block further stone formation in kidneys.

Enhances Immunity

Our immune system does a remarkable job of defending us against the harmful microorganisms. But science says that we can do some lifestyle changes and build a better response towards these germs. We can start eating more oranges, to begin with. Oranges together with other citrus fruits are especially rich in vitamin C, which helps a lot your immune system. This is why people are more and more incorporating orange to their breakfast routines. The important nutrients found in oranges, especially vitamin C according to a study is essential and contributes to support the immune system in our body. Regular intake of vitamin C can also contribute to prevent and fight infections in our body.

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Improves skin appearance

We know that exfoliating our skin on a regular basis is a huge boost to get rid of all the build-up of dead skin cells and eating oranges is no less helpful to that. The properties of oranges go way beyond our health and can treat beauty afflictions. It is no strange that orange is a common ingredient in many face products. People don’t only like how oranges smell, but also how it is beneficial to our skin. According to a study orange’s extract can help as an anti-aging agent, therefore it is used in various skin creams. The compounds like antioxidants that are found in oranges can also protect the skin from dark spots and pigmentation that come with age. This is not all, as orange flesh and peel have found wide application in hair products as well.

May beat inflammation

Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response and we know that can be very beneficial. However, when inflammation is out of control it can be harmful to our body. Different research was done to treat inflammation at home and, one of them suggests that due to components of orange juice it can beat inflammation, better than water alone. Moreover, drinking a glass of 100 percent orange juice can benefit our body to fight inflammation and it also can promote our overall wellness.


Adverse effects

Eating too many oranges or drinking too much orange juice can also have side effects Healthline writes. This happens because some types of orange juices are high in added sugar and it can increase the blood sugar and lead to weight gain. Although orange juice is a favorite drink for many, try to drink fresh-squeezed or 100% orange juice. You can either eat the whole fruit instead, just be careful on the dose.

Lastly, it turns out that the proverb is valid for oranges too ~ an orange a day keeps the doctor away!