15 Amazing And Renter-Friendly Redecorating Ideas

At some point in our lives, we have to dabble in redecorating our rooms, an apartment or even the entire house, especially if we are renting. And, yes, sometimes that can be pretty dull and boring. Even though you might get scared of the idea, it might actually be easier than you think. There are some small things you can do and details you can implement that give a totally different image of a room.

Here are 15 easy and amazing decor ideas that are perfect if you are renting as they won’t leave any trace once you need to remove them, courtesy of Diply.

1. Decorative fencing

Give your backyard a brand new look with some decorative fencing. You will need only two nails to secure the greenery backdrop.


The Crafted Life

2. Make a temporary towel bar

In order to create a temporary towel bar, all you need is a clear acrylic rod, brackets, and a can of gold spray paint.


A Beautiful Mess

3. Rugs are cool

Even though you might not be a rug enthusiast, they protect your floors, and they can give that vintage touch to your room. They might be pricey but you won’t regret having one purchased.


Amazon | BLINQ

4. Contact paper

Take a good look at the picture below. It looks like you are looking at totally different rooms, right? You can use contact paper almost everywhere: just place it on the backs of your cupboards, outdated counter-tops, or even your refrigerator.


Ruffles And Stuff

5. Hide household eyesores

You wouldn’t know that there is a cable box hidden there, would you? Actually, covered. In order to cover it without interrupting its function, you only need some decorative sheeting.


Me And Mr. Jones

6. Knobs without drilling holes

Even though it seems impossible, it actually isn’t. If you don’t want to damage your cupboards, just cut a Command Strip to fit the bottom of your knob, peel, and stick!


Crazy Wonderful

7. Whip up some Faux Roman shades

It might seem too much trouble but all you need is some fabric, hemming tape, and tension rods. What a difference it makes!


The DIY Playbook

8. Walk the plank

Can you believe that this wall is actually made out of paper? It comes in a wood grain design and it looks amazing. Adhere it to the wall using some tape along the edges of the paper and cover it with two pieces of wood trim.


The Crazy Craft Lady

9. Gallery-style walls

These are absolutely stunning. You can transform your empty wall into a gallery of your life. You will need a collection of pictures which you are going to attach to string lights or wire.


Urban Outfitters

10. Temporarily replace light fixtures

Give your room a brand new look by temporarily replacing the light fixtures with more modern ones.


It’s Just Laine

11. Make your boring windows pop

If you are tired of the boring and dull look of your windows, you can easily change that by just using washi tape or temporary wallpaper in order to create a special design next to them.


One Kings Lne

12. Dress up your windows

Replace the tacks and blankets with a patterned drapery. Simply spray paint some hooks to match the color and texture of the curtains.


Moody Mooch

13. Create a unique centerpiece

It is always easy to just go out and buy an interesting centerpiece, but why not get creative and make something yourself? Not only will it be cheaper, it will also be tailored and one-of-a-kind.


DIY Show Off

14. Swap out the original hardware

Transform your old and boring room into a futuristic-looking one. Changing the hardware in rooms like the bathroom, your bedroom, and the kitchen will be enough to do the trick.


IKEASarah Sherman Samuel

15. A “Temporary Wallpaper”

Use wallpaper in the kitchen or in your bedroom in order to create an interesting and fun vibe – you can even cover the risers of your stairs!


The Crazy Craft LazyA Beautiful Mess
Source: Diply