Amazon Actually Sells Tiny Home Kits And I Want One ASAP

Owning a house sure is amazing – I mean, you get to have your own space with a bit more privacy than one would have in an apartment. However, although many people would prefer big houses for the obvious fact of space – there is just something adorably cute in tiny houses.

If you’re like me, you might have probably had or still have an obsession with tiny wooden cottages, and cozy spaces (like tree houses!)

However, Amazon to the rescue! Amazon has a number of tiny house options that are available to be ordered. And it’s important to mention that these houses are not only super cute but also affordable. See below:

The Timberline cabin kit from Allwood:

Although there is a requirement of assembly with these kits, this one retails only for about $30,000.

Amazon tiny home kits

Knowing there is no mortgage, these cabins look even cuter! See how the layout of this one looks:

Amazon tiny home kits

The Nordica cabin kit

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it has a loft!! Can this get any cuter?



The inside of the Lillevilla Escape

Most people don’t live in these permanently though, but they put them in their backyard as social areas!


Tiny house from home company – MODS.

MODS makes their tiny houses out of shipping containers, and although it might not look as nice on the outside, the inside is super-cooool!


Yup, super-cool indeed:


And, there are people who have taken to Twitter to ask the real questions:

Nice thinking!


Any thoughts about these super cozy spaces? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Source: Diply