45% Of Americans Wear The Same Pair Of Underwear For 2 Days OR Longer – Survey Finds

Does everyone change their underwear every day, or not? That is the question!

The question remains unknown, however, not for everyone around the world! Looks like Americans do not follow the rule of changing their undies every day or be it the basic standard… With the hectic life? I mean, who even blames them…

When life hits you and sometimes is TOO much, you forget to do even the most important things. Such things as showering, eating, taking a break, taking care of yourself, or even changing your underwear.

Americans wear underwear for two days or longer
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Going back to what was said above, turns out that 45% of Americans do not change their underwear daily. Yes, you read it right!


The reason why this happens remains unknown, but what matters is that they couldn’t care less if they change their unders daily or not. Way to go…

When you hear the name Tommy John, then most probably the underwear company comes first to your mind! And, according to a survey they conveyed, turns out that 45% wear the same underwear for “Two days or longer.”  We are talking facts here…

According to USA Today reports, the case turns to be that the survey of 1,000 underwear wearers revealed 13% of those asked, wear the same pair of underwear for a week or more, with men two and half times more likely to adopt this habit.

It has become known that this has resulted in a “positive way” since 46% of them have owned the same pair of underwear for at least a year. On the other hand, 38% have no idea how long they have owned their oldest pair. Way to go number 2.


This is what Tommy John said as regards to the research:

It’s crucial to update your underwear wardrobe every six months to a year to ensure you’re protected from harmful infections and health risks. Women should be especially careful, as they’re more at risk than men to experience health issues due to unclean underwear.

In need of some top tips as to how to keep your undies clean? Here are some according to them:

– Tumble dry your underwear on low heat for 30 minutes after washing.

– Don’t mix your underwear in the same load with your significant other or children if they’re sick.

– Avoid washing contaminated underwear with other pairs and clothing.

– Wash your underwear separately from clothing containing other bodily fluids. If any article of clothing is stained, it’s better to wash it separately from your underwear.

Take care, and, change your undies!