‘America’s Got Talent’ Youngest Contestant Ever Stole The Show With Frank Sinatra’s Music

When I see kids expressing their remarkable talents, I really have mixed feelings. Well, for one, I really do appreciate everything they have to give, but then I am left wondering, why am I so talentless? I have two left hands and two left feet when it comes to being ‘artsy’ in any way.

Well, here is the inspirational story of America’s Got Talent’s youngest contestant.


We are talking about Sophie Fatu. She is only five years old, something that you’d never guess right if you were to hear her singing.

Besides her performances in Ellen and Little Big Shots, Sophie made history by stepping on the AGT stage, too.


Hence, Fatu is the youngest performer ever to step on America’s Got Talent’s stage. When asked by Simon Cowell how she’d spend the $1 million grand prize money, she said the sweetest thing.


The 5-year-old said:

“I don’t really care about money. I just want to sing for everyone and make them happy.”

And even Simon, who is known to throw criticism left and right, had nothing but praises for her.

He was astounded as he said:

“You shouldn’t even be able to remember the words, let alone sing like that with the key change and everything. Amazing.”

Source: America’s Got Talent

Mel B added:

“When you hold onto those long notes you have like a really rich vibrato, which is so strange I’m even saying that because you’re only five.”

Fatu didn’t advance to the live shows, but she was truly pleased with her appearance.

america's got talent youngest contestant
Sophie Fatu – Twitter

One of her parents wrote on her Twitter account, saying:

“[Frank Sinatra’s official Facebook page] just posted about Sophie and my heart literally stopped and I’m all in tears!”

“I showed this to Sophie and she quietly gasped: ‘Is he…proud of me?'”

Girl, never doubt that!! Her voice gave me chills each time I watched the video. Amazing!


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