Amy Schumer Posted A Picture Showing Off Her Baby Bump For The First Time

Amy Schumer is pregnant. She has revealed this back in the 22nd of October. However, this Thursday, she revealed something else for the first time, and that is her baby bump!

The 37-year-old comedian and her husband, Chris Fischer, are expecting a baby and the pair announced the news back in October, more specifically on the 22nd. The couple began dating back in November of the year 2017, and they wed in February in Malibu California.

This time, Amy posted in a group selfie, alongside her friends. While the selfie was taken by a friend of hers, we can see Amy in the background as she poses while lifting up her grey long sleeve shirt to reveal her stomach, covered by black maternity leggings.

She captioned the image with an emoji that showed a family of three, and in the background, there was also Amy’s sister, Kim Caramele.

See the image she shared on Instagram below:


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A while ago, Amy’s sister, Kim Caramele, joked about her sister and her brother-in-law, saying they are going to be ‘unbearable’ parents. She posted a picture of the pair and their dog, Tatiana, whom they had dressed in a lamb costume for Halloween. She captioned the image with:

They are going to be UNBEARABLE parents.


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Amy has lately joked about her pregnancy and has even mentioned Meghan Markle in the way. A while ago she posted a shirtless picture of herself from the back to her Instagram stories, where we could see her leaning over a toilet with the lid open. She wrote on the picture:

Markle is in [Fiji] today and #same.


Keep up the sense of humor, Amy! Our kindest wishes!


Source: People


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