Amy Schumer Is Being Praised By Fans For Being So Honest About Her Pregnancy

Ever since announcing her pregnancy back in October, Amy Schumer has been super honest about her new journey.

The comedian who tied the knot with chef Chris Fischer earlier in 2018, is making the most of her pregnancy and is documenting parts of it by sharing rather honest pictures and videos of herself. And by the look of it, the things are going pretty good for the 37-year-old actress.

amy schumer pregnancy
Amy Schumer attends the premiere of STX Films’ “I Feel Pretty” at Westwood Village Theatre on April 17, 2018, in Westwood, California. Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The mom-to-be recently shared an adorable underwear selfie, captioning it “Feeling strong and beautiful today,” adding the hashtag, #didnpuke.

The glowing mirror selfie was praised by her fans who showered her with love in the comment section, and there was even an obstetrician who was apparently loving Schumer’s bump.

The OB who goes by the name @lillyhunter28, left a comment under the post, saying:

I am an OB and I look at pregnant bodies every day. Your belly is absolutely perfect…and inside that belly is a strong and funny and kind and smart human being.

Our bodies can do so much. Keep making me laugh and I’ll keep delivering babies.

While another loving fan wrote:

You’re carrying a little human and you should feel proud and beautiful, it’s one of the best things women can do.. u.

The comedian opened up many times and shared details about her pregnancy on social media, interviews, as well as her Netflix special “Growing,” starting from her battle with hyperemesis to general discomfort and much more.

Just last Wednesday, Schumer shared a video of herself trying to put on socks, which for those who don’t know, might be one of pregnancy’s biggest challenge.

If you’re pregnant, like I am, and you want to put your socks on, it’s easy.

Spoiler: it’s not!


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As she demonstrates how to wear socks, Schumer can be heard saying:

First, the left foot. Okay — a little discomfort but not really a problem. And then the right foot. You just… it’s easy. You put your toe in… and then you try it from behind. And then you just kind of… slowly will the sock up your foot. And that‘s pregnant.

The second sock took her longer, but that’s just how pregnancy works.


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In addition to the pregnancy, the 37-year-old spoke about her husband and learning he was on the autism spectrum, in a recent Netflix special.

Schumer also addressed the issue during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, saying:

That’s why we both wanted to talk about it [the autism diagnosis] because it’s been totally positive. I think a lot of people resist getting diagnosed and even some of their children because of the stigma that comes along with it…

The tools that we’ve been given has made his life so much better and our marriage and our life more manageable.

Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers

And that’s Amy, an amazing human being. Never stop doing what you do, please.

Wishing her a healthy and happy pregnancy!


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