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This Makeup Artist Gave This Woman The “Wedding Image Of Her Dreams”

This Makeup Artist Gave This Woman The “Wedding Image Of Her Dreams”

Makeup is one of the best ways people can use to express their individuality and creativity, make themselves feel better and more confident, and not to mention, makeup is extremely fun to do.

Waking up and giving those minutes it takes to finish your makeup routine just to yourself every morning is some very needed me-time. With how frantic everyday life is, many people don’t get that.

No matter if your makeup routine just consists of a BB cream and some mascara, or you go full-out with contouring, winged liner, and lashes, just the fact you gave that time to yourself can be such an incredible ego-boost.

That’s not to say that people need makeup – no one really needs to wear makeup, unless they want to. And while you can totally feel empowered and confident without a stitch of makeup on, you can’t deny the power that it has in enhancing our best features or perhaps concealing something we might not be that fond of.

Someone that knows the power of makeup like no one else is the makeup artist, hairstylist and beauty consultant, Anar Agakishiev.  He has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account where he constantly posts makeup transformations showcasing his incredible skills, and oftentimes proving to be unbelievably emotional to his clients.

1. Ahakishiev teamed up with a previous client to give this woman the “wedding image of her dreams”, he said on his Instagram video.

“Life has its own obstacles,” he wrote. “We need to accept them and move on.Today I did everything I could for this beautiful woman.”

She looks truly stunning, and you can see how happy she is.

See her transformation here:

2. This is another of his videos where you can see his skills first-hand.

And I just have to add that this model’s eyebrows are literal goals!

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Hello, gorgeous.

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