Angelina Jolie ‘Lookalike’ Says She Has Broken Her Neck In A Post Shared On Christmas Day

Last year, 20-year-old Sahar Tabar made the headlines due to her association with her favorite movie star, Angelina Jolie, although from the pictures she looks like she resembles more with Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

According to the reports, the Iranian teen has had over 50 operations, to achieve her fuller lips and defined cheekbones, but apparently, it’s just makeup and enhancements.

I've broken my neck, how many people do you pray well...

Now she’s given us an update by sharing on her Instagram a (bizarre) picture that shows her in a hospital bed, attached to a drip.


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On Christmas day, Tabar shared the picture, captioning it:

I’ve broken my neck, how many people do you pray well…

At this point, it is clear that Tabar edits her pictures with Photoshop, and uses plenty of makeup.

angelina jolie lookalike

And if you weren’t convinced until now (doubtful), you will definitely be after you see the picture Tabar posted of herself wrapping her tiny (digitally enhanced) legs around a pillar, with the caption “I was pretty lovely.”

This picture was posted only four days after she allegedly ‘broke her neck.’

angelina jolie lookalike

After the whole Angelina Jolie thing turned out to be a fraud, now Tabar is apparently into sharing creepy pictures, like the ones she posted for Halloween which show her crawling around like some sort of possessed creature.

Previously, she made the headlines with rumors saying she lost 80 lbs to look like Angelina Jolie. She gained thousands of followers, and pretty soon people started accusing her of using Photoshop, which later became clear due to the blurry and distorted background in her pictures.

Tabar eventually admitted of editing her pictures, and that she did it to ‘amuse’ herself.

Now I can see that I have something in common with (Angelina Jolie), but I amuse myself, and to look like someone is not my goal.


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Source: Ladbible