Older Man And His Amazing Rescue Mission Of A Little Bird

No matter whether you are an animal lover, whether you have pets or not – some situations involving animals can’t leave you indifferent and cold. Everyone in the animal kingdom can find themselves in dangerous and merciless situations when they need the assistance of a human and many of us couldn’t resist helping if we come across an animal in need.

This is one such case. When a gentleman found a tiny bird desperately begging for help, he organized his life around helping it. Yes, this is one of the heroes that do not wear capes.


When Nelson Wilson from Caldwell, Idaho found a finch whose feet were frozen to a metal fence last winter, he knew he had to act. The older gentleman recorded the great rescue mission in a video that has gone viral overnight.

Because of the merciless winter temperatures in the Gem State, the bird got frozen on a metal pipe right next to a water heater where it had probably landed to quench its thirst.


When Nelson heard the nervous and panicked tweeting from the scared little baby bird, he initially wasn’t really sure what to do, but he knew one thing: he has to rescue the poor creature.


He started by gently cradling the bird in his hands and began blowing warm breath over its frozen little feet


“It then seemed that warming the bird’s feet with my warm breath would bring quicker success,” he wrote.

After breathing on the bird’s feet for a while and a gentle sideways motion from his thumb, the bird was set and  Nelson Wilson was over the moon.

“A delightful way to start a New Year,” he said.


Watch the whole video of Nelson’s brave rescue mission

Source: Nelson Wilson

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