6 Magnificent Animal Sculptures Made Out Of Trash

Bordalo II is a Portuguese artist who gained worldwide fame for creating his “Trash Animal” sculptures. Artur Bordalo was born in Lisbon in 1987 and his major inspiration growing up was his grandfather Real Bordalo, an artist who captured the city’s landscapes in watercolor. Bordalo II started his career by drawing graffiti, the “illegal and funny” kind, as he told the I Support Street Art website. However, he felt the need to imbue meaning in his art, so he started creating the likeness of animals out of various waste materials.

Bordalo’s works are usually quite large: collages made out of waste plastics, car parts, construction materials, and other locally-found trash, mounted on the side of buildings. The resulting sculptures of animals are truly impressive, but even more important is the message they carry.

“The idea is to depict nature itself, in this case animals, out of materials that are responsible for its destruction. These works are built with end-of-life materials: the majority found in wastelands, abandoned factories or randomly and some are obtained from companies that are going through a recycling process,” Bordalo said in his interview with I Support Street Art.

The artist and activist also spoke about what inspires him. He said, “I am part of a very consumerist, materialistic and greedy generation. The education we receive, it’s directed towards overconsumption. With excessive production of stuff, especially technology, but not only that. We also produce a lot of ‘rubbish’, so there’s a huge increase in the over-consumption of these things. I say ‘rubbish’ in quotes because it’s a very abstract definition. One person’s rubbish is another’s person’s treasure.”

Last November, Bordalo II had his first solo exhibition. Attero, which in Latin means waste, was open from 4th of November to the 3rd of December. It included dozens of the artist’s latest pieces and it sparked a huge interest among the masses. Only in the first week there were over 8,000 visitors!

Here are a few of Bordalo II’s best works, courtesy of Diply.

1. “Half Snow Wolf” in Sweden


Instagram | @b0rdalo_ii

2. “Half Castor” in Paris


Instagram | @b0rdalo_ii

3. “Half Fox”, part of the Aterro exhibition in Lisbon


Instagram | @b0rdalo_ii

4. “Garça” (“Heron”)


Instagram | @b0rdalo_ii

5. “Half Chimp”, part of Attero


Instagram | @b0rdalo_ii

6. “Trash head Donkey” in Montijo, Portugal


Instagram | @b0rdalo_ii
Source: Diply