12+ Animals Whose Compassion Will Warm Your Heart

I believe that everyone who has ever had a pet knows what pleasure it is. It’s cute how they simply demand pets but they do it in such a cute way that even if you miss your ride to school, you’ll still stay with them a few more minutes. They’re always up for spending their whole day with you even if that means just accompanying you everywhere you go. That’s what my dog Roy does. She is a mix between Husky and Golden Retriever and now the 2-year-old ball of fur is my absolute favorite because she loves me so unconditionally.

Pet owners are the only ones who truly know about animal nature, how compassionate and ‘understanding’ they can be even though they have no idea what you’re doing or what you’re talking about. But they’re very selfless creatures and definitely way more selfless than some people are.

Here’s a compilation of animals who truly know what friendship and support are.


1. The best helper ever. At least the dog is trying. And most likely succeeding.

Source: © Reddit


2. Love animals and they’ll share their care and love with you.

Source: © u/LittleDank / Reddit


3. 5 years of friendship

Source: © PsBattle / Imgur


4. Sophie, the cat, helped her owner battle depression. They won.

Source: © kcody47 / Imgur


5. This dog shares his favorite toy with a crying baby.

Source: © Bonnie Michalek / Twizz


6. Nothing special, just a dog feeding a lamb. By all means, yes, it is very special.

Source: © user/BetweenInfinities / Reddit


7. These dogs can’t help but cuddle with each other.

Source: © u/Lil_devotchka / Reddit


8. This little kitty is in safe paws.

Source: © NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / Imgur


9. When you’re not only a stern animal, but a loving parent as well.

Source: © Unknown user/ Imgur


10. This lioness adopted an orphaned baby antelope.

Source: © Imgur


11. A homeless dog kept an injured cyclist warm for a whole night.

Source: © @Kentuki05 / Pikabu


12. Good team

Source: © eir / Imgur


13. A chimpanzee taking care of a tiny tiger

Source: © @Yahimbo / Pikabu


14. Warning: You could drown in these eyes.

Source: © Unknown user/ Imgur


15. Unique best friends for over 10 years

Source: © u/blueredscreen / Reddit


16. “Just learned that Cheetahs are very nervous animals, so this support dog is helping it relax.”

animals compassion

Source: © u/yuumei_sukanito / Reddit


What’s your favorite animal? Do you have any experience like this with your pet? Share them in the comments’ section. We’ll be reading.


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