12+ Cute Pictures Of Animals Showing Love And Affection

Love is one of the most wonderful things in the world. In love, we can prosper and reach great lengths. Love doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic for it to have power. There’s the love you feel for your family, friends, your romantic partner, or your adorable pet – they all hold a great intensity – each special in their own way.

Every living being needs love. And it’s honestly a wonderful thing to see they exchange it with one another. Animals, too, have shown that they can express and feel affection towards one another as well as towards human beings.

I mean, have you seen your dog wait for you to come back home and get all excited when you finally do? Or when your cat gets grumpy when you’re not there? All these, and more, show just how perfectly special sharing love is. It’s almost one of the secrets to a peaceful world.

Scroll below to see animals sharing love but beware… they are swoon-worthy!

1. An adorable family of three!

animals showing love affection
© Wolfgang von Vietinghoff / facebook

2. Pass all obstacles.

animals showing love affection
© Christianover1120 / reddit

3. Flowers are a wonderful gift.

© unknown / imgur

4. Two cuties.

© Haley_Hansen / reddit

5. “Whisper something in your ear…”

© National Geographic

6. When their owner is not feeling well.

© fessapuella / reddit

7. Oh, hi there little furry friends.

© wcollins260 / reddit

8. Passion, at its finest!

9. Awh! Seems so comfortable.

© babydoll_bd / reddit

10. Taking care of the kids.

© unknown / imgur

11. Can this picture get any more adorable?

© JarodKnoten / imgur

12. All tired of hiding nuts.

© forty_hands / reddit

13. Golden!


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14. Two little snowflakes.

© Rowan32543 / reddit

15. Dats my freeend!

© duke_Olejuru / reddit

16. A mother’s hugs!

© Specific20 / reddit


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