Buckle Up Real Tight, Because Ankles Scarves Are Apparently A Thing Now

When every other part of your body is covered during this winter season, why not your ankles? I mean, you don’t have to cringe every time you want to wear your favorite pair of shortened trousers when the cold bites, right? Well, regular scarves are not enough as of 2018, that is why people came up with this wonderful idea of creating a trend of ankle scarves. Is 2018 extra or what? Okay, I have to admit that sounds a little better in theory than in practice, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway.

I mean, why should people have to sacrifice their aesthetic when winter rolls in? Why can’t they rock their ankle showing trousers and the no socks look? Who are we to judge what’s acceptable to wear or not? Pretty hurts or so they say.

Although some people will call this a ridiculous and a dumb trend, so many real media outlets are head over ankles for this trend. Other people think that this is just a joke, and in no possible way could this be real, but, apparently, I couldn’t find them on Amazon, so that’s the first clue. However, on the other hand, you could just knit your own ankle scarves.

I wouldn’t need them, as I’m the type of person who is not willing to sacrifice their comfort for aesthetic, but if you or someone you know are always feeling the cold but still want to look stylish, this is the product for you.

ankle scarves


Instead of opting out of skin-showing bottoms, you can just wrap your ankles with scarves, because, apparently, that’s the new hipster thing now.

This trend was first reported by the Milan-based publication called Lercio. By the looks of it, it doesn’t exactly appear that there are specific scarves designed for your ankles only, but maybe babies’ scarved will work just as good.

If you’re the bold type and not scared to rock these baddies around your neighborhood, you should definitely buy them, just don’t forget to buy two of them.

ankle scarves
Unisex Gray Winter Kids’ Scarf


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