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Needing A Wedding Anniversary Gift For Their Parents, Brothers Recreate Childhood Photos

Most of us suck when it comes to honoring our parents’ wedding anniversaries. But a tiny percentage of people are truly exceptional and will come up with awesome presents to make their folks happy. Or maybe, they just had way too much time on their hands…

But anyhow, it starts with not forgetting the date of the anniversary. This doesn’t mean you have to possess the long-term memory of an elephant, it just means being like these two brothers (they are human, you know). James and Matthew Houghton love their parents so much – and managed to NOT forget their wedding anniversary date – that they came up with a great idea for a gift.

It’s really pretty simple once you think about it. They just took a bunch of old photos from their childhood – and decided to reenact them as adults. A very effective ‘before and after’ trip down memory lane for their parents, it has to be said.

And, obviously, a hilarious one. To be honest, it’s not the first time this has been done – it’s somewhat of a trend at this point and we’ve written about it before, too. Anyways, let’s enjoy the latest batch by these two, funny, adorable brothers! (Courtesy of Bored Panda).

1. Like cats in a box


2. At least the bathtub still manages to hold the two of them


3. That’s a… weird baby?


4. Awww, look at those tiny little guitar-ses!


5. This proves talent is something you’re born with

childhood photos5

6. Childhood photos prove that character doesn’t change, either!


Good for James and Matthew, because they’re awesome! Their parents can be proud (and are surely over the moon with their anniversary gift).

Source: boredpanda