12+ Things That Can Annoy Even The Most Patient Person

Let’s face it, no matter how patient we think we are there is always something that will irritate us to the point of wanting to scream. Literally, have you ever felt like you wanted to scream or even cry when you saw something super annoying but completely evitable – it was just not in your hands.

I mean, I guess how much annoyed you get at something could also relate to the surrounding factors. That is, one day you might be facing a tiring day, and you just want to listen to your music but alas your earphones are all tangled up and you’re already at your destination by the time you finally (almost) untangle them. Seriously, what’s wrong with them?

But some things, like people’s carelessness in public restrooms or simply public spaces, are something that, no matter what mood you’re in, they will truly make sure to take down your mood a notch (or two).

1. When people are super not careful in restrooms!

annoying things
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2. When your earphones simply won’t behave.

annoying things
Photo Credit: © IckyTeaspoon / reddit

3. Zipper. Please!

Photo Credit: © Βulletz4Brkfst / reddit

4. We might as well remove the door completely.

Photo Credit: © Gingold / reddit

5. “I am free,” – not these keys, most likely.

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6. I’m in the mood to get my whole outfit sprinkled with water.

Photo Credit: © Regjohn / reddit

7. Why are phone chargers so untamed!

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8. Okay, organized cutlery makes everything simpler. Why?

Photo Credit: © Julie Cruz / twitter

9. Yup. There are actually people who leave trains like this!

Photo Credit: © HMSBannard / reddit

10. But… but… WHY?

Photo Credit: © Fish-Cakes / reddit

11. Some people just want to see the world burn.

Photo Credit: © Danagrams / reddit

12. Sure, bikers have their own path.

Photo Credit: © RommanApps / twitter

13. Yeah, I just bought a cardigan and about 15 tags.

Photo Credit: © advertretro / reddit

14. Oh, dear! Why are people so lazy and inconsiderate and plainly rude?

Photo Credit: © trill_troll / reddit

15. Please. Organize. Your. Desktop. Dude!

Photo Credit: © DJ Duda Vee ‏/ twitter

16. “The way my wife opens things.”

Photo Credit: © theDaninDanger / reddit

17. There’s still some food left in the plate so I’ll just put it back in the fridge. Uhm… no?

Photo Credit: © jacaré da pampulha / twitter

18. Why are people so inconsiderate part 2? Filling all three seats with their bags.

Photo Credit: © Wowsuchcreativename / reddit


Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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