This Person Had An Incredible Answer When Asked ‘What Does Your Neighbor Do That’s Weird Or Creepy?’

Your neighbors are one of the first people you run into right when you walk out of your doorstep. Some of them can be really helpful, offering to take care of your plants or pets while you are away. While there are others who don’t like taking on such responsibilities. And then we all have those neighbors who look like they are always up to something. Maybe they just give off a different type of vibe, and we are simply too afraid of what we might find out to look deeper into the matter.

However it is, it is always good to know you have someone to exchange a few words with. Especially in the bitterly cold winter mornings. But, have you ever put any thought into how much you actually know your neighbors? I mean, you go to each other’s houses, you have coffee together, you let your kids play together… You might as well get to know them better.

So, let me tell you about this Reddit thread story.

Someone on Reddit asked other users:

Those who have weird neighbors, what does your neighbor do that is weird or creepy?

And among all other responses, someone under the username Mewnir shared the most striking story of them all. See, the problem was that Mewnir would find that the crossword in his daily paper was already filled in. And this wasn’t just a one-time thing. It was an everyday occurrence and he was determined to find out what was going on.

what does your neighbor do that is weird

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Scroll below to find out what happened with Mewnir and his filled-out crossword puzzle.

what does your neighbor do that is weird

what does your neighbor do that is weird


It is safe to say that no one expected this plot twist, however, everyone in the comments agreed that the story was truly heartwarming.

what does your neighbor do that is weird


What do your neighbors do that you personally find weird? Share your story with us in the comments’ section. We’ll be reading.


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