Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Tattoos They Have Gotten During Their Relationship

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly been together since May 2018. Even though the period of time has been short, the couple has moved infamously fast. Within weeks of dating, they have gotten engaged, checked ✓, moved in together, checked ✓, they have gotten several tattoos in tribute to their love, checked ✓. Yup, this is fast!

Since tattoos are great ways to mark major life events, honor loved ones, or simply decorate your body with something beautiful, Grande and Davidson didn’t hold back on inking their bodies for all these reasons. In honor of the relationship, both Grande and Davidson to commemorate their relationship got different tattoos and below you are about to see all the tattoos the couple has gotten the last two months.

To begin with, Pete Davidson covers up his Cazzie David tattoo. Of course, you wouldn’t want to start getting tattoos with your new girlfriend without initially covering up the tattoos of your ex. Due to this, Pete Davidson went to a tattoo artist Jon Mesa in order to cover up the portrait tattoo of his ex-girlfriend Cazzie David with a forest. Now, let the tattoos begin!

1. “Lumos” tattoo

May 21, was the time when Ariana Grade posted an Instagram Story where she showed off a tattoo on her finger reading, ‘Lumos.’ After a week passed, Ariana and Pete made their Instagram debut in a picture showing off their mutual love for Harry Potter. Pete Davidson captioned the picture, ‘The chamber of secrets has been opened…’

Instagram: Ariana Grande


2. Bunny tattoo

Davidson gets a bunny mask tattoo behind his ear and Grande’s initials on his right thumb

Shortly after the couple went Instagram official, Davidson got a tattoo of the bunny mask from Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” album cover behind his ear to make a huge statement about his commitment to her (or maybe he just really liked that album).

Davidson is also sporting a tattoo on his thumb with the initials AG


3. Cloud tattoo

In May, Ariana and Pete reportedly got cloud matching tattoos. Right after news that the couple was engaged, Grande announced her upcoming fragrance, which has a bottle shaped like a cloud. The couple soon showed off matching cloud tattoos on the middle fingers of their left hands, shaped similarly to the bottle of the fragrance.

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In June, Pete and Ariana got matching tattoos of “H2GKMO” which stands for “Honest to God, knock me out.” 

The Cut reported that Grande and friend Courtney Chipolone got tattoos of an acronym of Grande’s favorite phrase, “Honest to God, knock me out,” shortened to “H2GKMO.” While the Instagram story showed the tattoo on Grande and Chipolone and just tagged Davidson, it’s pretty clear in this Instagram photo from his account that he also got the shortened phrase tattooed.

Instagram: Ariana Grande



The couple gets matching “REBORN” tattoos. On the same day they got the H2GKMO tattoos, Davidson got a tattoo that reads “REBORN,” according to Us Magazine. Grande got a tattoo with the same word, which she posted to her Instagram Story, as tweeted by Twitter user @reillyfaberrr.

6. 8418

Fans spotted the number 8418 tattooed on Ariana’s foot when she stepped out with Pete in New York City. The tattoo is a tribute to Pete’s dad, Scott Davidson, a firefighter who died during the attacks on September 11, 2001. Pete has the same tattoo on his arm because 8418 was his dad’s badge number.

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