Ariana Grande Redoes A Pete Davidson Tattoo Turning It Into A Tribute To Mac Miller

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, otherwise you have probably heard of the romance Ariana Grande shared with the comedian, Pete Davidson. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t long-lived as the couple called it quits soon after they got engaged. Now, both the singer and the comedian are trying to cover up the matching tattoos they inked when they were together. I mean, after the couple ended the relationship, the “Thank U, Next,” singer was spotted literally covering up her PETE tattoo with a band-aid.

That’s not all. After a while, Ariana modified her “Reborn” tattoo, the one she got with Pete, and turned it into some feather, or maybe a leaf. Among other inks, Ariana and Pete both got a heart design over other tattoos, which ironically almost match.

ariana grande tattoo mac miller

So, Ariana’s freshest tattoo redo was one in remembrance of Mac Miller, her ex-boyfriend who unfortunately died this past September. A fan of Ariana took to Instagram to share the video which reportedly was taken behind the scenes of the video, ‘Thank U, Next.’

In the video, Ariana is heard showing off her brand new tattoo that says, “Myron”, Mac Miller’s dog.


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This tattoo covered up her other Pete Davidson tattoo, a tattoo that said “8418” and was a tribute to Pete’s father who passed away in the attacks of September 11, 2001.

As if Ariana hasn’t had enough this year, now she is being accused of “milking” her ex-boyfriend’s death. But, she ain’t having any of that negativity swing her way. She backfired at the person, saying:

I pray you never have to deal with anything like this ever and I’m sending you peace and love.

In another tweet, the “God is a Woman” singer said:

Some of the s–t I read on here makes me sick to my stomach. It scares me the way some people think and I don’t like this world a lot of the time. If only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. That’d be sick.

People love giving off their unsolicited opinions but we are glad Ariana is taking those comments like a champ.


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Source: Eonline