The Bachelor’s Lauren Burnham And Arie Luyendyk Are Expecting A Baby

While they are still prepping for their January wedding, The Bachelor’s Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk revealed they’re expecting their first child. Burnham is currently working with designer Hayley Paige for her wedding dress, and it seems like they have to make room for the baby now. So exciting!

Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk expecting a baby
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The bride-and-mom-to-be shared the couple’s first reaction when they found out she was expecting, saying:

The first thing we thought of was, ‘Oh, my gosh. Our wedding!’ Obviously we’re not married yet, but this is the way it happened. And this is probably the way it was meant to happen!

As for how she found out she was pregnant, Lauren said she told her friend to bring a pregnancy test because she ‘kind of had a feeling’ she might be pregnant. Arie was the one who read the result and ‘confirmed’ her pregnancy with tears in his eyes. Lauren adds that they bought six more pregnancy tests, you know, just to make sure.

The former auto racing driver said:

Lauren took all of them and they were all positive. We weren’t trying, but we are so excited. It’s going to be a whole new chapter in our lives.

Lauren revealed for Us Weekly that she hardly left the house because of the morning sickness. But in these last few weeks, she started feeling better. She also said Arie has been really helpful since they got the exciting news, and does everything around the house. Lucky her!

The only parenting experience they have is that with their dogs, but Luyendyk, 37, believes he will be a ‘softie’, while Burnham, 26, is quite the disciplinarian.

The couple got engaged in March after Luyendyk broke up with his then-finacée, Becca Kufrin. They shared the wedding date in May, and engagement pictures in July. Lauren already had her bridal shower in August. Quite a busy summer!


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Source: Eonline